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    Sister Dana sez, “Happy BI VISIBILITY DAY!”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “Happy BI VISIBILITY DAY! It had originally been named ‘International Celebrate Bisexuality Day’—so let’s all celebrate!”

    Marked each year since 1999, BI VISIBILITY DAY raises bi awareness and challenges bisexual & bi-romantic erasure. This will be the 25th year that we have celebrated bisexual life on September 23. It is anticipated there will be more than 250 events marking the date, up from at least 170 in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic limited activities. Events around the world range from exhibitions, talks, and film screenings to picnics and socials in bi-friendly bars. A host of public buildings around the world fly the pink, purple, and blue bisexual flag, and many business LGBTQ staff networks host specially themed meetings.

    Jen Yockney MBE, who has run the international listings site ( ) since 2001, noted, “After a quarter of a century Bi Visibility Day, like bisexual visibility in wider culture, keeps growing and growing.” She continued, “I’ve been organizing events celebrating Bi Visibility Day since 1999, and the transformation in that time is huge. We are more talked about and more heard as bi people than ever before; yet also the challenges and particular needs of bisexuals have been thrown into sharper relief over that time.” She concluded, “Far from the ‘best of both worlds’ cliché, the challenge of either persistently reasserting your bisexuality or having part of your life erased proves wearing for many bi people.” She elaborated that when lesbians and gay men have one closet to escape, many bi people find that leaving one closet just leads to being put in another.

    Sister Dana sez, “A Representative for my beloved California, evil Kevin McCarthy, is leading the MAGAs in an absurd ‘limpeachment’ of President Biden and is also holding the country hostage while Congress has just until September 30 to approve Government funding. No shutdown!”

    FABULOSA BOOKS is holding an author’s reading of RENEGADES by Chloe Sherman, a photographic overview of the queer utopian butch/femme culture of the 1990s in San Francisco. Chloe Sherman is a longtime photographer in San Francisco. Her artist statement: “I was impressed by the collective creativity, support, pride, and strident defiance of cultural norms. This subculture emerged against the backdrop of mainstream society. All shot on 35mm film, my photographs from this vibrant era connect current and future generations to the pulse of the city during a unique time when difference and homecoming were unapologetically celebrated.” Come with questions and comments while enjoying complimentary wine and chocolate. September 28, 489 Castro Street, 7–9 pm.

    Sister Dana sez, “Kudos to Prosecutor Jack Smith for putting a gag order on the ex-president. In other words: ‘SHUT UP, TRUMP! JUST SHUT UP!!!’”

    Former Representative Liz Cheney said it all: “Putin has now officially endorsed the Putin-wing of the Republican Party.” Cheney tweeted about Russian President Vladimir Putin blasting the criminal indictments of Trump as “rotten” politically motivated prosecutions. “Putin Republicans and their enablers will end up on the ash heap of history,” she said. “Patriotic Americans in both parties who believe in the values of liberal democracy will make sure of it.”

    Sister Dana sez, “No surprise that Putin is defending Trump and criticizing democracy—which really means dictatorship! Warmonger Putin continues to ignore Russian human rights abuses while daring to lecture the U.S. We absolutely MUST enforce the law and convict Trump!”

    LEATHERWALK, the annual kickoff for Leather Week, took off with banners and leather flags leading the parade on September 17 from City Hall—stopping at many a leather bar and ending at Eagle Plaza to celebrate LeatherPrideFEST. Featured was the Raising of the Leather Flag and Blessing of the Leathers at the Ringold Leather History Walk. All this was also the preamble to the annual FOLSOM STREET LEATHER FAIR. Leather and fetish gear is always encouraged for all the leather events, or come as you are. But with no judgment.

    Keeping with the leather theme, my KREWE DE KINQUE social and fundraising club held our monthly fundraiser with the title quite appropriately HOT, NASTY, FETISH FUN at our home bar, the Midnight Sun, on September 16. Sister Dana collected donations at the door in nun’s habit plus a leather vest to be thematic if not dramatic. Hosted and performing by our reigning Krewe de Kinque King Mez and Queen Moxie, it was a beer bust and most excellent live show. What a special treat to have Imperial Empress Alexis Miranda taking the stage!

    September 16 was also VOTING DAY for the Ducal Court’s Grand Duke & Duchess with voting in the Castro at STRUT. Congratulations to KdK Queen XVI Kelly Rose for a great year as Grand Duchess with Grand Duke Gregg Star! Good luck and heaps of love to KdK Queen XVIII Christina Ashton, solo candidate for Grand Duchess! 

    Sister Dana (aka Dennis McMillan), along with Mark Paladini and Carlos Medal, welcomed guests and posed for a photo during the Krewe de Kinque benefit held at Midnight Sun on Saturday, September 16.

    The city’s plans for a series of ticketed concerts in Golden Gate Park following Outside Lands Festival and three Downtown locations beginning next year was approved by the Board of Supervisors. The concert series are projected to provide key economic benefits for San Francisco, while helping contribute to the prevention of cuts to city parks and programming. The new agreement will bring concert series to San Francisco annually for three years as part of the city’s economic revitalization efforts. 

    I caught the closing night of A CHORUS LINE at San Francisco Playhouse. This was a stellar production of the amazing musical originally directed and choreographed by Michael Bennett; but every bit as exciting at this new show directed by Bill English, music direction by Dave Dobrusky, and choreography by Nicole Helfer. I have seen this show by different productions a zillion times, so I found myself joyfully mouthing all the lyrics. And I always look forward to the moving, gigantic mirrors reflecting the high kicks of the cast in stunning gold costumes: “one singular sensation.” Every show at the Playhouse is always a delight, and I am happy to promote another great classic, GUYS AND DOLLS, mounted on the Playhouse stage with opening on November 16.

    THE 40TH ANNUAL FOLSOM STREET FAIR is September 24, 11 am to 6 pm, on 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Streets between Howard, Folsom, and Harrison Streets. Live music returns to the fair! Come catch your fave band or make a new favorite. Whips and chains and rock and roll! Drag. Fun games. Live wrestling. Vendors with every imaginable leather/fetish item for sale. Various organizations with plenty of info and demos. Let’s have a leatheriffic time!

    THE 49TH ANNUAL CASTRO STREET FAIR is a San Francisco LGBTQ street festival and fair usually held on the first Sunday in October in the Castro. Founded by the late, great Supervisor Harvey Milk in 1974, this year it comes to us on October 1, 11 am to 6 pm around Castro and Market Streets. There will be several stages with live entertainment, an ArtMarT, and many info and merch booths. Proceeds from donations received will be shared with their 13 beneficiaries. They are also proud to support the CASTRO MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION in the purchase and maintenance of the world-famous Rainbow Flag which flies in Harvey Milk Plaza. Since 1998, the Castro Street Fair is proud to have given over $1.6 million back to the community beneficiaries. This is only made possible through fairgoers’ generous donations. I am proud to say that the San Francisco Bay Times is a longtime media sponsor of the Castro Street Fair.

    Sister Dana sez, “I think it is FAIR to say that including the Haight Street Fair, Folsom Street Fair, Castro Street Fair, and Bearrison Street Fair, San Francisco offers an abundance of street fairs with at least one to suit a person’s particular preference!”

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun
    Published on September 21, 2023