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    Sister Dana sez, “HAPPY LEATHERWALK 2022…”

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun–

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “HAPPY LEATHERWALK 2022, which returns this year as the traditional launch to SAN FRANCISCO’S LEATHER WEEK! Ya don’t HAVE to wear leather; but don’t ya WANNA?!”

    Produced by the LEATHER & LGBTQ CULTURAL DISTRICT, on Sunday, September 18, folx will proudly walk together starting at City Hall, pausing at favorite neighborhood spots and watering holes, and culminating with the Leather Pride Fest, sponsored by the SF Eagle at Eagle Plaza. LeatherWalk 2022 benefits the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District, a unique San Francisco institution dedicated to keeping our South of Market neighborhood queer and kinky. LeatherWalk is the official kickoff for San Francisco’s Leather Week, which culminates one week later at the 2022 FOLSOM STREET FAIR. Gather at 11 am on the Goodlett Steps of City Hall (Polk Street side). Drop off any last donations, and be sure to get your collectible LeatherWalk 2022 pin! It departs from City Hall at 11:30 am and stops include OasisPowerhouse, Hole in the Wall, Azúcar Lounge, Leather Etc., Wicked Grounds, Cat ClubMr. S Leather, the Ringold Leather History Alley, the Lone Star Saloon, and Eagle Plaza. At 2:30 pm,everyone joins the ongoing LEATHER PRIDE FEST 2022, organized by the SF Eagle, which will include the raising of the historic LEATHER PRIDE FLAG and a beer/soda bust from 3–6 pm. Organizations are invited to bring their banners and insignia. Participants are welcome to proudly display their leather, gear, and/or skin.

    Sister Dana sez, “Having finally seen the ‘coveted’ affidavit of Trump’s FBI search and seizure order, all the heavy redactions look more like a toddler got hold of a black marker pen and went wild! Much ado about nothing! I’ll wait for the unedited version.”

    However, the DOJ has now shown us clear evidence of obstruction in actual photos at Mar-a-Loco that the FBI took of stolen TOP SECRET classified documents boldly and obviously labeled as such. Not to mention 48 empty folders! All that should be enough to put The Donald behind bars!

    On Friday, September 9, STRUT, 470 Castro Street, is inviting us to help celebrate the works of Jonathan Fong. The Art Opening, SHAPING OF CIRCUMSTANCE, starts at 8 pm till 10 pm. Jonathan says his interest in identity is represented in his paintings where he focuses on telling the stories of his personal experiences. His painting process involves self-reflection as he explores his experiences. He says the materials he uses are thoroughly thought through and add to the depth of the representation of a person’s identity: “There are layers to a person and only a few are shown at once.” These pieces are a glimpse of Jonathan’s move and exploration of San Francisco. The paintings are a depiction of the external effects that shape a person’s identity—be it family, friends, partners, coworkers, and even strangers. There are moments of confidence, joy, love, sadness, depression, and defeat. But they are all parts of the identity of a gay Asian that is finding his way in life and society, dealing with things that will shape his future self.

    The art will be on display all month long and longer.

    In his stunning speech in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on August 30, President Joe Biden noted that when he was Vice President back in 1994, he got an assault weapons ban passed, and for ten consecutive years, the number of mass shootings was low. But in 2004, Republicans let that ban expire and mass shootings tripled. Sister Dana sez, “What Joe Biden says, ‘It’s time to ban these weapons! We did it before. We can do it again!’”

    It is of interest to note that while many Republican Congress people gripe about Biden’s mere $10,000 student loans—at least three of these are hypocrites: Marjorie Taylor Greene, who had $183,504 in PPP loans forgiven; Matt Gaetz, who had $482,321 in PPP loans forgiven; and Markwayne Mullin, who had over $1.4 million in PPP loans forgiven!

    SAN FRANCISCO AIDS FOUNDATION will hold its annual TRIBUTE CELEBRATION on Saturday, September 10, 6–10 pm at The Palace Hotel, 2 Montgomery. Join them in honoring the remarkable achievements of community members and leaders who have acted in bold and brave ways to help move us all closer to ending the AIDS epidemic.

    Sister Dana sez, “If I have to witness one more newscast helicopter aerial shot of the ostentatious Mar–a–Lago resort, I think I will get airsick!”

    LOCKDOWN COMEDY has been running monthly on Zoom since July 2020, having celebrated its 2nd anniversary show this July. Since the monthly shows still cater to audiences of some 50–100 people monthly throughout the U.S., and since the pandemic is not yet over, the show will continue on Zoom for the foreseeable future. Please note: The show is now Closed Captioned enabled. On Thursday, September 15, enjoy Betsy Salkind (LA), Sandra Valls (LA), Jeff Kreisler (NY), and “The Geduldig Sisters” – show producer and comic Lisa Geduldig and her 91-years young mother, Arline Geduldig (Florida)!

    Sister Dana sez, “It warms my political heart to hear President Biden finally get fired up and call out the ‘MAGA Republicans’ as the ‘semi-fascists’ that are a ‘threat to democracy!’ Although I would go a whole lot farther and call them full-tilt FASCISTS!”

    Senator Scott Wiener stated the following regarding the announcement that the Legislature and Governor have agreed on an emergency budget appropriation of $41 million for public health response to monkeypox: “We’ve been fighting like hell to ensure California effectively responds to the monkeypox outbreak, and this emergency appropriation will be a huge help at both the state and local level. Monkeypox is a painful and isolating disease, and it’s having a major impact on the LGBTQ community. I’m deeply appreciative to Governor Newsom, Pro Tem Atkins, Speaker Rendon, and Budget Chairs Nancy Skinner and Phil Ting for their support of this critical budget allocation. We’ll continue to fight to ensure our community doesn’t get left behind and that we have the support we need to expand vaccination, testing, treatment, and outreach.”

    CITY ART Gallery at 828 Valencia held its OPENING RECEPTION on September 2 with walls and walls of art ranging from oils to photos to sculpture and butterfly wings. I especially enjoyed the nod to Castro landmarks. Amazing pieces on display through September 25.

    Maybe if you have been living under a rock, you didn’t realize that Dog Eared Castro bookstore at 489 Castro Street has closed (or maybe been living under an even bigger and heavier rock that A Different Light has closed); but fear not, because in its place has been FABULOSA BOOKS, which happens to turn ONE YEAR OLD!!! on September 15. “It’s been a wild ride, but we’ve loved every second, and we FULLY intend to stick around for a long, long, long, long, long time,” promises Alvin the openly queer, proud proprietor. Adding to his customary complimentary wine infused guest author reading circles, on Fabulosa’s ANNIVERSARY DAY, he will be popping champagne corks in celebration all day long on September 15! Cheers, queers!

    MR. SF EAGLE LEATHER 2023 CONTEST is Saturday, September 17, 5 pm at the Eagle, 398 12th Street. This will be kicking off LEATHER PRIDE FEST WEEKEND! Do you have what it takes to be the next titleholder? Applications are available for pick-up at the SF Eagle now and are available on their website. Come by Friday for the contestant Meet & Greet (7–9 pm). Saturday the fun starts at 5 pm with the actual contest with MC’s Daddy Ray Tilton and Tammy Lg Hatter. Judges: Reika Minxie, Jeffrey Wayne, Brent Heinze, Caity Lynch, and Howie Ramirez. Followed by the Young Hearts at 9 pm. Deadline to turn in applications is Thursday, September 15!

    President Joe Biden gave a primetime, simply stirring speech on September 1 in Philadelphia regarding our “BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF THIS NATION” in urging Americans to strike a balance just two months before elections that will determine control of Congress, seeking to offer a sense of optimism about the future, and urging true citizens to fight back against extremism. Of course, Republicans slandered Biden’s speech and called him undemocratic. Sister Dana sez, “Well, we tried ‘going high when they go low;’ so maybe from now on—when they go low, we should go just a little less high?!”

    Sister Dana Sez: Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun
    Published on September 8, 2022