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    Sister Dana sez, “Happy Transgender History Month!”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “Happy Transgender History Month! Unfortunately and obviously, MAGA Republicans did not get the memo!”

    On August 2, at City Hall, Mayor’s Balcony, Mayor London Breed joined elected and city officials, LGTBQ leaders, and community members to kick off TRANS HISTORY MONTH. There was the TRANSGENDER FLAG RAISING along with many moving speeches.

    In San Francisco, the Tenderloin is home to THE TRANSGENDER DISTRICT, created in 2018 as Compton’s Transgender Cultural District, the nation’s first legally recognized district dedicated to the transgender, non-binary, and intersex community. Transgender History Month honors the 57th anniversary of the COMPTON’S CAFETERIA RIOTS, which occurred in August 1966 in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, marking the beginning of transgender activism in San Francisco. A response to violent and constant police harassment, this incident was one of the first LGBTQ uprisings in United States history, preceding the better-known 1969 STONEWALL RIOTS in New York City. 

    Last week, the House Judiciary Committee convened a hearing on gender-affirming care for minors—and as expected, it was full of dangerous messages and misinformation from far-right committee members and several of their “expert” witnesses. EQUALITY CALIFORNIA noted that among the few moments of levelheadedness in the meeting was the testimony of Shannon Minter, Legal Director at the NATIONAL CENTER FOR LESBIAN RIGHTS (NCLR), and himself an out transgender man. During his remarks, he highlighted the disparities in the repeated attacks against the trans community—including the fact that the anti-trans laws extremist Republicans seem determined to pass would affect less than one percent of the population.

    Sister Dana sez, “Congratulations to baritone Scott Hoying becoming a newlywed during a two-month break in the a cappella group Pentatonix’s world tour. He married model Mark Manio last month!”

    GAPA presents Runway 2023: INTO THE LOOKING GLASS on August 19, 7 pm at Herbst Theatre. Join the QTAPI community in cheering on Mx., Ms., and Mr. GAPA contestants as they demonstrate their talents, show off their evening wear, and answer Q&A questions in competition to become GAPA Royalty. The reigning Mx GAPA 2022 Obsidienne Obsurd and reigning Mx GAPA 2022 Siam Pussie will be stepping down to welcome the next generation of titleholders.  

    GAPA Runway sprang from an underground dance party held in 1988 for QTAPI people to gather in safety, solidarity, and celebration. In the 35 years since the first Miss GAPA was crowned, GAPA’s annual pageant has become a signature event and the biggest QTAPI production of the year. It’s an incredible night of glamour, glitz, talent, and artistry.

    There is a point when extreme wealth is, by definition, extreme power. We have reached that point. Concentrated wealth is suffocating our democracy, threatening our economic system, and undermining our social cohesion. A government that works only for billionaires while ordinary Americans suffer cannot withstand authoritarian forces and extremists. To combat this threat, Representatives Barbara Lee (CA-12), Summer Lee (PA-12), and other lawmakers have introduced the Oppose Limitless Inequality Growth and Reverse Community Harms (OLIGARCH) Act.The OLIGARCH Act would establish a wealth tax with four brackets.

    We are all familiar with Drag Queen Story Hour, but did you hear about SEX WORKER STORY HOUR? It was at Fabulosa Books in the Castro on July 25. Two authors read from their latest biographies. Allen Silver wrote Man of Use: A Sensitive Texas Boy Finds Purpose and Fulfillment in Erotic ServiceDon Shewy wrote Daddy, Lover, God: A Sacred Intimate Journey. It was a delightful event, especially since I got to hug my friend Allen Silver and take a photo with him.

    Coming to Fabulosa Books at 489 Castro Street on August 17, 7 pm, are two authors reading from their books. Daniel Curzon’s new book, All Creatures Sad and Funny, includes his drawings as well as writing. Richard May will read from his new short story collection, Because of Roses. There is usually wine and chocolate served with these fabulous Fabulosa affairs.

    I write the following because it gives me hope for our democracy: Trump was arraigned in the D.C. Court near the site of the horrible January 6 attack on 4 counts. Those were: Conspiracy to Defraud the United States, Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, Obstruction of and Attempt to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, and Conspiracy Against People’s Right to Vote and Have Their Votes Counted. Sister Dana sez, “Go, Prosecutor Jack Smith, go! Give us four convictions on August 28 and sentences to jail for Trump’s insurrection!”

    And how does Trump respond after being warned against retaliation? On his social media, he states in all caps and bold: “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!”

    THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER has branded the right-wing funded Republican-led Moms for Liberty as an “extremist anti-government” entity, placing it alongside the infamous KKK, Proud Boys, and the Patriot Front. They have organized support with the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, and other groups involved in the violent attack on the Capitol on January 6, to threaten, harass, and intimidate teachers, librarians, and even entire school boards across the country. Sister Dana sez, “Moms for Liberty are NOT for liberty—unless that’s freedom for critical thinking about racism, slavery, inclusivity, white supremacy, and homophobia!”

    During a barbecue in New Hampshire, Ron DUH Santis offered up a bit of the old ultra-violence when boasting about what he would do to the “deep state.” DeSantis told the audience he would start “slitting throats on day one.” What the hell does that mean? Sister Dana sez, “Is Ron trying to be more macho than Trump? Is this a notch up from public stoning of homosexuals? Is he bringing back the guillotine? Should we start banning steak knives?!”  

    Sister Merry Peter captured an engaging photo of Sister Dana behind
    the scenes during prepatations, with designer Bridget McCrakin, for
    the Sister’s Project Nunway show. (2022)

    The annual GLIDE Legacy Gala is at Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison on August 18, 8 pm to 12 am. There will be uplifting music from the Glide Ensemble with Vernon Bush and Zoe Ellis, hot beats by DJ King Most, and a special performance from the fierce Newoncé. Two awardees will accept recognition. Honey Mahogany is a performer, small business owner, and activist who grew up in San Francisco. Honey received her Master’s in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. Her work as an advocate, culture creator, and change maker has earned her recognition from the City of San Francisco, the State of California, Sainthood from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and awards from numerous organizations including the Imperial Court of San Francisco, Harvey Milk Democratic Club, Trans Day of Visibility, and the Women’s Foundation of California. Honey is a co-founder and served as the inaugural Executive Director of San Francisco’s Transgender District. She is a founding queen of “Drag Story Hour,” a co-owner of the Stud Bar, a singer with nu-metal group Commando, and recently ran a historic campaign for District 6 Supervisor in San Francisco. Currently, Honey is working as the District Director for Assemblymember Matt Haney and serves as Chair of the SAN FRANCISCO DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

    Also receiving an award is Eddy Zheng, the President & Founder of NEW BREATH FOUNDATION. He works to mobilize resources to support Asian American, Native Hawaii, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPIs) harmed by violence and the unjust immigration and criminal justice systems. A 2019–21 Rosenberg Foundation Leading Edge Fellow and a 2015–17 Open Society Foundation Soros Justice Fellow, he served as Co-Director of the Asian Prisoner Support Committee and co-founded the first-ever ethnic studies program in San Quentin State Prison—ROOTS. Eddy is the subject of the award-winning documentary Breathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story, is a TEDx Speaker, an SXSW featured speaker, and a contributor to the book Contemporary Asian American Activism: Building Movements for Liberation. He was featured in the December 2021 New Yorker article “An Education While Incarcerated.”

    The August installment of LOCKDOWN COMEDY ON ZOOM takes place on Thursday, August 17, and features Greg Proops (LA), Scott Blakeman (NY), Hilary Schwartz (NY), Lisa Geduldig and her 92-years-young mom, Arline Geduldig (both mom and daughter in Florida).

    Sister Dana sez, “I wish I could rave about last Sunday’s DORE ALLEY FAIR, but I guess I have become a jaded nun who has seen it all. With the exception of the kiddie pool, which was definitely NOT for the kiddies!”

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun
    Published on August 10, 2023