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    Sister Dana sez, “May I be the first to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day…”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “May I be the first to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, although this is really just a Hallmark Cards way of exploiting a monk who was tortured, beheaded, martyred, and buried on February 14! But Happy V.D., everyone!”

    We were awfully saddened that we loyal and long-standing patrons of HARVEY’S (500 Castro Street) were surprised by the sudden announcement of this LGBTQ historical landmark’s closure after 27 years in the gayborhood. But we troupers got one last chance to say goodbye. Harvey’s employee and drag performer extraordinaire Jason Seneca (aka emcee Christina Ashton), community activist Gary Virginia, and others put together “ONE LAST NIGHT WITH FRIENDS,” a drag and talent marathon on Saturday, January 28, from 4 pm to 2 am. Sister Dana was happily present from 5 pm to 11 pm—especially for the big climax of the day’s entire cast assembled on stage performing to the oh so apropos “We Are Family,” as we in the audience gaily sang along. This was a special benefit for the staff of Harvey’s employees. To name just a few of the stellar performers: the CHERrific Christina Ashton, Olivia Hart, Kelly Rose, Kipper Snacks, Sheena Rose, Tawdry Hepburnn, Lulu Ramirez, Adam Hale, andchanteuse Carly Ozard. It was really amusing during Drag Queen Roulette—making the performers try to awkwardly lip-sync to various songs they had not the advantage of practicing ahead of time. And on a serious note, Reverend John M. Brett said a prayer and got all of us stomping our feet in rhythm while chanting over and over, “This is a QUEER Space!” as a strong message to the future use of the sanctified building that was Harvey’s.

    But before the Harvey’s closing extravaganza was another event at a bar in the Castro, Moby Dick’s. It was us Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’smonthly fundraiser, CLOWNF#-KERS, featuring all kinds of delicious drag performances flawlessly emceed by Empress Alexis Miranda & Sister Anni Coque l’Doo.

    In DIShonor of BLACK HISTORY MONTH, at least 18 states enacted legislation to limit the teaching of “divisive concepts” or CRT (Critical Race Theory), because I’m guessing we’re just supposed to completely ignore that whole history of slavery thing. NOT!!!

    Sister Dana sez,“Okay, yes, I’ll confess. I have hidden away many, many top secret, classified documents in my bathroom!”

    Pope Francis has declared that laws criminalizing homosexuality are “unjust” and that “being homosexual is not a crime.” He noted that the church’s official teaching states that homosexual acts are sinful, or “intrinsically disordered.” He continued, “But first let’s distinguish between a sin and a crime. It’s also a sin to lack charity with one another.” He further clarified, “When I said it is a sin, I was simply referring to Catholic moral teaching, which says that every sexual act outside of marriage is a sin.”

    Sister Dana sez, “So Pope says it’s okay to be gay—but not sexual about it. And that doesn’t let unmarried humping homos off the hook either!”

    Good news: Michigan Democrats are seeking to codify LGBTQ CIVIL RIGHTS protections and are confident of the bill passing, as Democrats have the majority in both chambers of Legislature for the first time in 40 years. Bad news: Meanwhile, Florida athletes may soon be required to submit their menstrual history and menstrual period cycles to schools. Sister Dana sez, “That would be a VIOLATION of civil rights, and that is wrong. PERIOD!”

    2358 MRKT held a festive reception on February 2, FROM CRUSTACEANS TO CRITTERS, where 13 Bay Artists are displaying their work. The theme of this new show is animals. Be it from the ocean to the sky, animals have inspired and captivated us. My personal faves are Elliott C Nathan’s pop-eyed octopus creatures (#9, #18, and #19). I gave this artist rave reviews in the past for his 3-D glasses pieces (alas sans glasses this time). Other faves of mine are Clint Fredric Wiater with #11 depicting lizard people on segways, and #21 and #29 as well; Amanda Peugnet’s yarn and fabric pieces (#10 with ants that crawl your wall and #23 with a fly on the wall; creepy yet creative); and Yan Jun Dong’s strikingly gorgeous #26 Peacock King. Hurry to see these beautiful beasties, because the show changes on February 13.

    We should reinstate the ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN we passed in 1994. How many more American lives must be taken until we say ENOUGH?! Sister Dana sez, “It is appalling to realize that so far there have been more mass shootings than days in the Year 2023.”

    STRUT’s monthly art gallery presents “RISE OF THE SUPERQUEERO!”—the art of Cheyne Gallarde, a queer artist who was born and raised in Hawaii. Cheyne’s art reimagines drag queens and LGBTQ icons as modern-day superheroes and villains plucked from the pages of the vintage comics he grew up with. At the art reception on February 3, I was exhilarated to view 18 queer heroes ranging from the past (Sylvester, Divine, Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin, and Gilbert Baker) to the present (Peaches Christ, Miss Major, and Coco Peru). Come get inspired at 470 Castro Street!

    And just one night after that, STRUT was excited to have new art from THE QUEER ANCESTORS PROJECT on February 4 on the third floor, celebrating the work created by emerging queer and trans artists. This was an Artist Reception, Print Sale, and Button-Making activity (and yes, of course Sister Dana got his button made). Almost a dozen artists were present, along with their Creative Director Katie Gilmartin. My favorite linocuts are There’s No Hells on Wheels Like Dykes on Bikes by Karishma Johnson; Time Travelling Chinese Cowboys of Vis Valley by Jasmine Liang; and appealing to my fierce activist heart, The Great Work Begins by Mar Valle. I wish I had column space to quote each one’s full-page bio and revealing, candid explanations—but you can do that when you check out these gems yourself.

    SOMA SECOND SATURDAYS events resume on February 11 with a fun GAMES DAY indoors at the NEW Folsom Street Community Center, 1286 Folsom Street @ 9th, noon to 5 pm. Games may include: Kinky Pictionary, KINKO!, “South of the Slot” Trivia, UNO Dare!, and other favorites. Free snacks and soft drinks! This is a joint project of the LEATHER & LGBTQ CULTURAL DISTRICT, FOLSOM STREET, and SOMA WEST COMMUNITY BENEFIT DISTRICT.

    Sister Dana sez, “Since Trump has pleaded the Fifth Amendment over 400 times during his deposition, I think we deserve to plead the 14th Amendment (Section 3) and bar him from ever holding office again!”

    RICHMOND/ERMET AID FOUNDATION presents the Broadway touring cast of “MEAN GIRLS.” These mean girls are anything but mean, and this will be a show not to miss as they raise funds for REAF and BROADWAY CARES/EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS. While you won’t hear the music from their show, you can expect to hear some other fabulous songs sprinkled with a dash of comedy by other performers such as America’s Got Talent star Shawn Ryan and drag queen extraordinaire D’Arcy Drollinger at the Marines’ Memorial Theater on February 13, 7:30 pm.

    Lockdown Comedy on Zoom, now in its 3rd year, is on Thursday, February 16, 7 pm featuring nationally known comedians Jason Stuart (Palm Springs), Kate Willett (NY), Myq Kaplan (NY), along with “The Geduldig Sisters”—Kung Pao Kosher Comedy producer Lisa Geduldig and her 91-year-young mother, Arline Geduldig (Florida).

    THEATRE RHINOCEROS presents A GUIDE FOR THE HOMESICK. Queer, alone, together: Ken Urban’s heart-wrenching 2017 play gets its SF premiere. In this electrifyingly personal, two-actor drama, a young aid worker goes back to a shabby Amsterdam hotel room with a fellow American, after spending a year in East Africa. Over beers, and with increasing tensions of every kind, the two strangers confess their shared fear that they betrayed the friends who needed them most. Both actors are each tasked with portraying two fully developed characters, occupying separate realities of time, space, and memory—adding layers of turmoil, disorientation, and tragedy to a story that is sure to keep audiences holding their breath and also gasping. This is appropriately held in a tiny, intimate Castro studio, 4229 18th Street, February 23–March 19.

    Cole Porter’s award-winning musical, ANYTHING GOES, launches 42ND STREET MOON’s 2023 Mainstage Season. Farcical high-jinks abound in this theatrical romp across the Atlantic, in which a young ocean-liner stowaway sets out to win the affections of a particular woman—with plenty of elaborate disguises, tap-dancing sailors, gangsters, pranksters, and good old-fashioned blackmail along the way. This hilarious, heart-warming romantic comedy features such classics as “I Get a Kick Out of You,” “You’re the Top,” and “It’s De-Lovely”—not to mention the title song! February 23–March 12 at the Gateway Theatre, 215 Jackson Street.

    BAY AREA REGISTRY offers dozens upon dozens of events centering around BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Contact them at

    Big queer congratulations to Kim Petras, the first openly transgender woman to win a Grammy, and to proudly gay Sam Smith for their “Unholy” Grammy win!

    Sister Dana sez, “Happy Black History Month! Cogitate! Liberate! Celebrate!”

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun
    Published on February 9, 2023