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    Sister Dana sez, “Please tell me the latest polls lie: finding amongst Repugnicans, 53% think Darn-Old Trump scores better than Abraham Lincoln at 47%, who freed the slaves.”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “Please tell me the latest polls lie: finding amongst Repugnicans, 53% think Darn-Old Trump scores better than Abraham Lincoln at 47%, who freed the slaves. And worse news, T-rump scores higher than any other Republican president, except Reagan, who got 59%. And may I remind you that Reagan refused to acknowledge that AIDS existed. WOW! And also OMG!”

    The ANNUAL CASTRO HOLIDAY TREE LIGHTING was “totally lit” on December 2, 6 pm in front of Bank of America with a huge crowd of cheerful celebrants. It was hosted by Donna Sachet, and it featured holiday music by the GAY & LESBIAN FREEDOM BAND and the GAY MEN’S CHOIR FROM SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN’S CHORUS both playing and also accompanying the crowd with a sing-along of carols. There was the accustomed visit from Santa and his adorable elf—arriving on a lights-flashing, siren wailing police vehicle in lieu of a sled. Just before Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, MUMC President Masood Samereie, and Donna led us into the countdown for the tree lighting, three of us Sisters of Perpetual IndulgenceSister Golda Lox, Sister Uma Bushburns, and moi—led the crowd in a litany and officially blessed the tree. Afterwards, the merchants of Castro and we friends were treated to a festive after-party at the local Spaghetti Factory. I just wanna emphasize how vital it is to shop, drink, and dine in the Castro whenever possible. I know Donna and I do! Keep the Castro alive and thriving!  

    Sister Dana sez, “As many know, Sister Dana reviews art quite a lot. But I cannot pass up a review of cray-cray TrumpCountry, Florida, for that Miami Beach Convention Center display of a single banana attached to a white wall with duct tape that sold for $120,000. What, I must ask, is the ap-peel?!”

    SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN’S CHORUS presented HOLIGAYS ARE HERE: RING THEM BELLS at the Sydney Goldstein Theater on December 6 and 7. This concert is SFGMC’s signature romp through holiday favorites old and new, along with unexpected surprises and unique interpretations. The concert featured special guests Velocity Handbell Ensemble, San Francisco’s premier bell ensemble, and ran the gamut from Liza Minnelli‘s outrageous “Ring Them Bells,” to a new arrangement for SFGMC’s beloved tradition of “Silent Night,” using sign language. “The Elves’ Broadway Christmas” showed us how to turn classic carols into classic theater. And you haven’t heard “O Holy Night” until the Homophonics perform it. And “Last Christmas” is something else when The Mandrews Sisters take it on. The good news is if you missed this show, you still have a chance to catch the Christmas Eve program at 5, 7, and 9 pm at the Castro Theatre.

    SF LESBIAN/GAY FREEDOM BAND staged their annual fundraiser, DANCE-ALONG NUTCRACKER at YBCA Forum on December 7 and 8. The theme this year was Nutcrackers in Space. We joined Clara, Fritz, and the Band as they waltzed through the solar system, visited an alien-filled cantina on the outskirts of space, sneaked aboard an evil ship, and helped save the galaxy by recovering the legendary Dilithium Nutcracker. All while encompassing music from Tchaikovsky‘s Nutcracker Suite. And after each number, audience members got the chance to dance along with the Band while wearing space tutus and attempting ballet steps to some out-of-this-world tunes from space-themed movies and down to Earth show tunes. Brava!

    Sister Dana sez, “Impeachment carries on without any hope of Senate Repugnicans agreeing; and meanwhile Moscow Mitch has refused to put forth a single bill out of nearly 400 that were passed by the House. Can’t we also impeach McConnell and his creepy cronies?!”

    The holidays are on their way and the Girls are back with GOLDEN GIRLS LIVE! Take 4 talented drag performers, cast them in two parody Xmas episodes of the uproarious TV show: THE GOLDEN GIRLS, and you have the perfect holiday event for the entire family. In what has become a yearly tradition, this drag send-up and loving tribute to the characters the entire world has come to know and love features local drag stars: Heklina (the sarcastic Dorothy), Matthew Martin (the oversexed Blanche), D’Arcy Drollinger (the Scandinavian dimwit, Rose), and Holotta Tymes (the sassy senior citizen with absolutely no filter, Sophia). Note well that these are not just DQs putting on a show—but rather extremely talented actors. And brilliantly directed by Drollinger. It’s also a bit gayer than the original script, which I enjoyed. Longtime GGL supporting male actor is handsome Manuel Caneri. Pianist Tom Shaw gives us audience members the opportunity to sing along with seasonal carols. You don’t have to be a fan of the classic sitcom; but you will be after this show. This is your last chance to see these grand old broads, because the run ends December 22 at Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th Street. 

    RICHMOND/ERMET AID FOUNDATION put on their annual holiday fundraiser, HELP IS ON THE WAY FOR THE HOLIDAYS, which was a wonderful celebration of the holidays, no matter what those holidays may mean to some. This year’s concert at the Marines’ Memorial Theater on December 9 featured both holiday songs and songs that reflect the spirit of the holidays—love, hope, and compassion. The stellar cast included Sheryl Lee Ralph from Broadway’s Dreamgirls and film star; OMG, please allow me to just interrupt a moment here, because my hero of Dreamgirls actually pointed at me in the front row and asked, “What are you thankful for?” and I shouted back, “Jesus!” and she acknowledged, “Hallelujah, brother!” So here’s the rest of the incredible cast: Lisa VromanPhantom of the Opera star; David HernandezAmerican Idol, recording star; Darnell AbrahamHamilton star; Christopher H. Young: from Hamilton cast; Shawn RyanAmerica’s Got Talent, cabaret star; Steve Knill: internet sensation featured on The VoiceLisa Vigianno: MAC award winner, cabaret star; Sony Holland: cabaret star; Jessica Coker: cabaret star; Kim Nalley: jazz star; plus cast members from the Broadway touring cast of Summer: The Donna Summer MusicalMakeena Lee Brick, Cameron Anika Hill, Candice J. Washington and Erick Pinnick.

    RAINBOW WORLD FUND presented the annual WORLD TREE OF HOPE lighting and celebration on December 10 at Grace Cathedral. The lineup included Emcee Honey MahoganyJuanita MORE!, with performances by Breanna Sinclairé, Andrea Dennison-Laufer, San Francisco Boys Chorus, Connie Champagne, and Lambert Moss, with pianist Tammy Hall. There were stirring speeches by State Senator Scott Wiener, Origami Artist Linda Mihara, and RWF Founder Jeff Cotter. Several of us Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence blessed the tree and also sainted Cotter in a very special surprise ceremony. Consul General of Japan Tomochika Uyama and The Right Reverend Marc Andrus, Bishop of California, exchanged peace cranes. And the glorious conclusion was the lighting of the impressive tree with over 18,000 folded cranes carrying messages of hope and peace from all over the world!

    ACADEMY OF FRIENDS 2019 HOLIDAY RECEPTION happened on December 11 at 2351 Mission Street (which will very soon become a brand-new gay bar in the Mission). As some may know, The Academy of Friends are now very much a part of THE LGBT ASYLUM PROJECT, which is the only San Francisco nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to providing accessible legal representation for LGBT asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or HIV status. It was the perfect time to celebrate family—not the ones we were born with necessarily, but the ones we have chosen! I love my chosen family! They have been with me through thick and thin.

    Which brings me to the latest “Sister Dana News.” Well, y’all know about the Castro Fire and yada yada yada that the nun was a victim “who rose from the ashes.” But didja hear the latest? Well, this Dennis McMillan person apparently fell over a chair that was in the way of some boxes from the fire and plunged into a chair and busted his right shoulder and rotator cuff. So, he has to type kinda lame. This is your opportunity to say, “When HASN’T he typed lame?!” Har.

    Sister Dana sez, “We have seen this terrifying, tyrannical Trump media-hating administration attack public broadcasting funding, public education funding, and now, public library funding. And that orange idiot who sits on the White House toilet can’t even read more than his daily briefings fed to him without assistance. What in the world has happened to communication?!”

    Published on December 19, 2019