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    Sister Dana sez, “The greatest gift of all is Trump theGrump running for Prez of the USA.”

    sisterdBy Sister Dana Van Iquity

    Sister Dana sez, “The greatest gift of all is Trump the Grump running for Prez of the USA. If he doesn’t get the GOP nom, he might run as an independent. Either way, it’s fewer votes for the Repugnicans and sure victory for the Dems!”

    We celebrated 10 years of SUNDAY’S A DRAG at The Starlight Room during a very special show at 8pm on Monday night (otherwise the regular weekly Sunday shows are always 11:45am and 2pm) with all six regular cast members Donna Sachet, Holotta Tymes, Cassandra Cass, Lady Tia, Kendra Monroe, and Mahlae Balenciaga. The special anniversary show benefited PETS ARE WONDERFUL SUPPORT (PAWS). With the song from Gypsy, “Let Me Entertain You,” the entertainment ensued. Star of the show, Donna Sachet, took the stage as a sexy ringmaster in feather-topped, rhinestoned tiny top hat and tuxedo coat to sing live “The Lady Is a Tramp” to her own special lyrics. Kendra in an elaborate butterfly costume fluttered her wings and gave us “Follow Me” (“to a place where we can be free”). Mahlae put on a fabulous Beyoncé mini concert including “All the Single Ladies” where she asked all us “single ladies” to put our hands in the air (like we just don’t care…to be without a ring on it)! Holotta – the demure, petite, sweet lady that she is, appeared in a lovely gown to sing the first part of Beauty and the Beast – but then busted out with “Let’s Talk Dirty to the Animals” by Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live ages ago: “If they don’t love it; they can shove it,” she sang to the animals. “But never ever tell an alligator: ‘Bite my sna-ch!’” Did I say “demure, petite, sweet”? WRONG! Cassandra came out in a clever copy of the gorgeous Marie Antoinette 1700s period gown that Madonna wore on MTV’s Video Awards singing “Vogue” – but Cassandra did it better when she dropped the gown to reveal just the hoop beneath the skirt. She then dragged an unsuspecting audience member onto the stage and rode him like a little horsie. Donna reappeared in a Joan Collins Dynasty-like padded shoulders black and gold gown to introduce Lady Tia – with a bootay ta die for – in a skin-tight puss print leotard doing “I Need a Man” and picking out various guys in the audience to tease and ultimately reject.

    Donna brought out the interim executive director of PAWS, Sarah Cramer, to talk about the organization. The mission of PAWS is to preserve, support, and nurture the human-animal bond for those most vulnerable in our community. PAWS began as volunteers mobilized in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in San Francisco. While serving at The San Francisco AIDS Foundation Food Bank in 1986, volunteers noticed that some clients were neglecting their own nutrition and feeding donated food to their animal companions instead. With the belief that no person should have to choose between feeding themselves or their beloved pets, the volunteers created a special food bank to carry pet food and supplies. The demand for this new service was overwhelming and, in October 1987, PAWS became an independent, nonprofit organization. Over the years, PAWS has expanded the array of services available for their clients and the community. They are now serving over 1,000 companion animals of 800 clients who depend on them to provide pet food, vet care, dog walking, transportation, foster care, grooming, education, and case management.

    Act Two began with Donna singing live “I’m Still Here” from Follies, but with her own special lyrics of surviving show biz and fundraisers for all these years! Kendra traded in her wings for gigantic Barbarella sci-fi style shoulder pads in electric blue and radiant red with long, long fringe hanging and hair in an exaggerated French roll to do “I Can’t Find My Baby.” Mahlae returned in a strapless red sequined fishtail gown to do a sweeeet “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker. Lady Tia appeared in a red Jessica Rabbit (“I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way”) piece that was slit up to there and plunged down to there, doing Jessica’s “Why Don’t You Do Right?” followed by Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.” Holotta did a slow, lounge act version of “Baby Got Back” (“I Like Big Butts”). Senator Mark Leno sent a Certificate of Recognition to Sunday’s a Drag in commemoration of their decade of entertainment. Lady Tia wore a long white tulle cape with purple floral skin-clinging dress to give us a Mariah Carey medley with plenty of trills and thrills. Donna changed into the last gown of the evening, her signature red gown with red rubies (faux jewels?) to sing her signature “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” For the finale, the entire cast paraded up and down the stage to “Those Beautiful Girls” from the musical Follies. An absolutely stunning evening! Sister Dana sez, “Do catch the latest brunch show of Sunday’s a Drag – because it’s anything but!”

    The GOLDEN GATE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (GGBA) held their monthly MAKE CONTACT evening of networking and jazz music courtesy of Google, Chef David Lawrence, and proprietor Monetta White at the legendary 1300 on Fillmore club. Jazz entertainment was provided by The Hogan Brothers. The Fillmore Jazz District was a national center for jazz during the 1940s and 1950s when it was known as the “Harlem of the West” and attracted many leading jazz luminaries including Louis Arm-strong, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and the “Bird” (Charlie Parker). Fillmore Street was filled with nightclubs, and 1300 on Fillmore brings back that glory! In 2007, Chef David Lawrence and Monetta White opened the doors of 1300 on Fillmore with the mission to serve “Inventive Southern” cuisine, and bring every country, culture, and class a little taste of comfort dining. 1300 on Fillmore dishes up modern riffs on Southern classics with top-notch ingredients, creative libations, live music, and a posh supper club vibe. Prepared as interpreted by internationally recognized Chef Lawrence, he combines classic French training with Southern flavors using fresh, California seasonal ingredients.

    GGBA is the first business organization founded by LGBT entrepreneurs. The GGBA is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, membership-driven organization consisting of over 350 business entities, community organizations, and individuals. Board member JP Leddy acted as emcee. He spoke about the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. He introduced Paul Pendergast, Chair, Public Policy Committee, who then introduced Monetta White, urging more LGBTQ people to come enjoy her restaurant and live jazz. Joe D’Alessandro, President and CEO of the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau, reminded everyone that the National Football League has announced that the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee will include Bay Area LGBT-certified businesses in its Business Connect program for contracting opportunities related to the Super Bowl championship game to be held at Levi’s Stadium on February 7, 2016. At the Make Contact event, they distributed the latest summer edition of the LGBTQ directory, Pride Pages.

    The GGBA Annual Meeting/ Board Elections/ Make Contact event is Tuesday, September 8th, 5-8pm, venue to be announced. Find out what the GGBA has been doing to bring business opportunities to their members. This will also be Board election night for seven Board seats, and bylaws update approval by members.

    SEX PANIC: The History of the San Francisco Bathhouse Clo-sures was a program hosted by and at THE GLBT HISTORICAL SOCI-ETY in their Castro museum. In 1984, the controversy over bathhouses and the AIDS crisis, sexual freedom, and public health erupted into a political battle. Accompanying a skyrocketing increase in AIDS deaths, a fight erupted within the gay community, City Hall, and the medical community – fueling passions on all sides. A vibrant sex culture collapsed, and the aftermath affects us 30 years later. Buzz Bense, sex educator, activist, and erotic art collector, presented a multimedia presentation on this topic. Bense moved to San Francisco in 1979 and lived here through the plague years. In 1986, he opened the sex club 890 Folsom; he was also the founder and owner of Eros.

    Coming Up!

    20TH ANNIVERSARY DRAG KING CONTEST is Thursday August 20th, 9:30pm. This fun mucho macho pageant is co-hosted by Sister Roma & Fudgie Frottage at SF Oasis. FYI, the very concept of a drag KING contest all started right here in EssEff!

    EMPRESS MARLENA’S LOVE ROAST is August 20th at the SF LGBT Community Center at 6pm. Empress Marlena XXV is a true SF legend who held drag central at her bar, Marlena’s, for both the veteran and the newbie drag queens and friends. Yours truly will offer a special prayer, along with many fabulous roasters.

    THE SPIRITUAL PURPOSE OF AGING is August 27th at the LGBT Community Center, 6pm. This is the first of three LGBTQI experiential workshops you can come to – any or all! First one will feature Dr. Nader Shabahanger, co-founder of Age Song, a pioneer in the development of elder care.

    27TH ANNUAL GAPA RUNWAY PAGEANT is Saturday September 12th, 6pm at the Cowell Theatre at Fort Mason. The theme is “Under the Sea.” Find out who will compete and who will become the next Mr. & Ms GAPA!

    Sister Dana sez, “Social Security is having its 80th birthday. Social Security is the most successful anti-poverty program in American history. For 80 years, Social Security has been there for America’s seniors, people with disabilities, children, and veterans. Conservatives want to cut, privatize, and destroy it. Progres-sives want to expand it. Go figure!”