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    Sister Dana sez, “VOTING DAY is March 5…”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity, Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun —

    Sister Dana sez, “VOTING DAY is March 5. If you haven’t mailed your ballot in yet, this is the last day to do so in person. But if you are Republican, kindly ignore the above!”

    A reminder: Vote-By-Mail was vital for HUGE Democratic turnout in 2020 and 2022. Mail-in ballots should be available for every citizen of the United States.

    THE QUEER ANCESTORS PROJECT is devoted to forging sturdy relationships between LGBTQ people and their ancestors. Using history as a linchpin, they build community by providing queer and trans artists, age 18 to 26, free interdisciplinary workshops in printmaking, writing, and queer and trans history. Strut gallery is excited to have new art from The Queer Ancestors Project. On February 9, we celebrated the work created by emerging queer and trans artists! QAP hosted an Artist Reception, Print Sale, and Button-Making activity—all presented by Creative Director Katie Gilmartin. On display are dozens of art pieces on the first floor of Strut, 470 Castro Street. And on the third floor are dozens more.

    After the “stolen” classified document trial of President Joe Biden, he was dealt both a legal victory but also a political hit-job. Special Counsel Robert Hur, a Trumpy Republican attorney, decided no criminal charges be made against Biden. But he managed to get very political in the “old age” mention, accusing him of memory lapses and “willfully disclosing government secrets.” Hur’s description of The President as an “elderly man with a poor memory and diminished faculties” did not sit well with Democrats. According to Lawyering 101 for Dummies, lawyers are not doctors, nor are they editorialists. Their personal opinions are not valid in the courtroom. Vice President Kamala Harris (a former prosecutor herself) slammed Hur’s report as “politically motivated,” as well as “gratuitous, inaccurate, and inappropriate.” She noted that, in such a high-level event, “we should expect a higher level of integrity (by the prosecutor) than what we saw.” Sister Dana sez, “If old age and memory lapses are applied to other political situations, most of Congress should step down now!—which also applies to Trump and his so-called ‘big brain’!”  

    President Joe Biden will deliver his third State of the Union Address on March 7. This will be President Biden’s LAST State of the Union of his first term. Sister Dana sez, “This could be Biden’s last State of the Union EVER … if the MAGA minions have their way.”

    At his MAGA campaign rally in Conway, SC, Trump said he would encourage Russia to attack our NATO allies. The crowd actually cheered this traitor. But we people for democracy know that “an attack on one ally is an attack on all.” Immediately, the White House put out this statement: “Encouraging invasions of our closest allies by murderous regimes is appalling and unhinged—and it endangers American national security, global stability, and our economy at home.” The warning continued: “Rather than calling for wars and promoting deranged chaos, President Biden will continue to bolster American leadership and stand up for our national security interests—not against them.”

    Sister Dana sez, “Traitor Trump should use those two words from The White House statement at his rallies: ‘appalling and unhinged.’ His MAGA maggots would eat it up!”

    On February 13, President Biden called Trump’s comments about NATO “un-American, dumb, and dangerous.” He said the United States has to send Russia and the world a strong message. “No President in our history has ever bowed down to a Russian dictator,” Biden emphasized. “I never will!” 

    Trump has forced out the latest Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel and reportedly has a new pick planned. His choice is Michael Whatley, the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party and also head of (get this!) “elections integrity” efforts at the RNC. Whatley has repeated many of the “Big Lies,” including claiming that there was “massive fraud” around the country, even if Trump could produce no evidence. Meanwhile Trump is pushing to have his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, as RNC Co-chair. Nepotism much?!

    Sister Dana sez, “We might have been worried over Monkeypox and Smallpox; but now we can be concerned about the newest COMBINATION of the TWO—with the new Alaskapox!”

    Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Cher, Lenny Kravitz, thelate Sinéad O’Connor, and heavy metal’s so-called Prince of Darkness are some of the 2024 nominees for induction into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME. Sister Dana sez, “If my fave iconic singers, Cher and Mariah, are not inducted—there will be hell to pay!” 

    On February 13, KREWE DE KINQUE, a Mardi Gras-themed social club and fundraiser, held our annual FAT TUESDAY CASTRO BAR CRAWL. We started at 440 Castro and later paraded down Market Street to Lookout—following Krewe de Kinque’s new royalty, King & Queen XX Robert Makowka & Vivianne Vixen, with many folx twirling colorful parasols along the way. Then we headed for Twin Peaks Tavern, and finally to our last stop at Midnight Sun (with us closing at actual midnight). We truly followed the Mardi Gras slogan, “Let the Good Times Roll!” Our glorious founder King I Gary Virginia was our lively emcee and introduced flawless performers that included (KdK King XIII) DJ Sergio Fedasz, Donna Sachet, Christina Ashton, Vivianne Vixen,and Jose Flores aka Fabulosa.

    And then on February 17, our Krewe de Kinque folx held a fun fundraising beer/soda bust, “Love Is in The Air,” (with the appropriate color of red everywhere, including my red sequined veil) at Midnight Sun. We came to support our new King XXI Robert Makowka & Queen XXI Vivianne Vixen at their first benefit, and to congratulate King XX Mez & Queen XX Moxie on their fantastic year! KdK Queen VII Sister Dana had earlier been bestowed upon the title of “Mistress of the Door” at the Masked Ball—which I took literally. We had a final count of proceeds from our annual Masked Ball fundraiser to URBAN ANGELS SF with a Giant Check of $7,000. Urban Angels SF founder and President Nelson Barry gratefully received the check. Performers included King Robert and Queen Vivianne, Queen XIX Tawdry Hepburnn, Fabulosa, Dirty

    Dionysus, Miss Candi Mint, King XX Mez,and King II Mark Paladini singing live.

    On Valentine’s Day, Mayor London Breed joined city leaders, LGBTQ community members, and advocates to celebrate San Francisco’s 20th Anniversary of the ‘WINTER OF LOVE,’ the historic milestone that took place in 2004 when then Mayor Gavin Newsom directed city officials to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses. The official “Winter of Love” ran from February 12–March 11, 2004; and the February 14, 2024 celebration at City Hall welcomed more than 200 couples to be married on the city’s annual Valentine’s Day celebration of love.

    Sister Dana sez, “Thank you, Mayor (now Governor) Newsom for making that brave decision and helping make your decree vitally important in the movement for LGBTQ human rights!”

    “During the historic ‘Winter of Love’ in San Francisco, people of all backgrounds came together to champion human dignity. In those few weeks we learned to listen to people, not pundits; focus on fairness, not tradition; and err on the side of inclusion,” said Governor Gavin Newsom on February 14, 2024. “We must continue to apply those lessons and stay vigilant to protect the fundamental rights that were so hard won. The actions taken by countless individuals garnered overwhelming support for equality and protections everyone deserves.”

    While the California Supreme Court ordered the city to halt those marriages on March 11, 2004, and later annulled the marriages in August, Newsom’s directive and the Winter of Love propelled the city’s legal fight for marriage equality! “Twenty years ago, a large majority of Americans opposed same-sex marriage,” said District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman. “Two decades later, an overwhelming majority across the country now support it. San Francisco’s civil disobedience during the Winter of Love kicked off a decade of political and legal activism that won new rights and a shift in public opinion in support of queer people.”

    Sister Dana (second from left) held his hands high and waved at event organizer and photographer Gary Virginia during one of the stops at local Castro watering holes in the annual Krewe de Kinque Fat Tuesday Castro Bar Crawl. Participants had a blast at the Mardi Gras-style procession that included 440 Castro, Lookout, Twin Peaks Tavern, and Midnight Sun on Tuesday, February 13.
    (Photo by Gary Virginia)

    THEATRE RHINOCEROS is presenting the world premiere of BILLY—written and directed by John Fisher. After a lifetime of fighting America’s wars, The Colonel is recalled to service to handle the greatest Russian spy of all time, Ivan. But the assignment is too much for him, so he is assigned the aid of a non-binary master spy. Ivan threatens to tip the balance in the War in Ukraine and win it for Russia, unless the Colonel and Billy can stop him. Ironically, all three characters are queer, and while they are separated by nationality, they are linked by proclivity. How can they reconcile the personal and political in a world torn apart by politics? Now through February 25 at 4229 18th Street, in an intimate Castro theatre.

    It will require sweeping gun violence prevention legislation in order to stop the current gun violence epidemic. We must support Universal Background Checks. We must support a BAN on assault style weapons. President Joe Biden should make gun violence prevention legislation a top priority during his Presidency and especially during his campaign for reelection. Sister Dana sez, “President Biden at one time expressed this wisdom: ‘Who the hell needs a high-capacity assault weapon?’ Any responses out there, Republicans? I thought not!”

    GLOBALSF’s first post-APEC event will celebrate the pan Pacific wins and opportunities on February 23, 5–7 pm. GlobalSF folx will meet at the Harborview Restaurant and Bar, Four Embarcadero Center, San Francisco. The combined Panda Bear and Dragon image was AI-generated by GlobalSF board member Peter Hirshberg. Why? Because San Francisco wants a panda bear for the Year of the Dragon! Check it out at

    Join SAN FRANCISCO PRIDE in honoring esteemed Members of the LGBTQ Community at the 3rd Annual KEN JONES AWARDS CEREMONY Reception and Fundraiser, hosted at Cityscape Bar and Lounge in the Hilton, San Francisco Union Square, 333 O’Farrell. Celebrate local advocates and give back to San Francisco’s queer community at this one-night-only event on February 29 (“Leap Day”) 6–8 pm. Among the eight deserving these acclaimed awards is some schlub named Dennis McMillan—who can’t even use his true name in his byline!

    Rest in peace and power, awesome activist and Russian anti-Putin opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who suddenly died suspiciously at age 47 wrongfully in Putin’s prison. His wife, Julia Navalny, attending the Munich Security Conference, shouted, “Putin will not go unpunished! We will fight against this evil!” “Make no mistake: Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death,” President Biden said at a White House news conference on February 17. Sister Dana sez, “This amazing activist for democracy should absolutely be sainted and called a martyr!”

    NATIONAL WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH begins March 1. This entire month commemorates and encourages the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. And INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY is March 8, all day long. Sister Dana sez, “Brava and kudos to all you women, wymyn, and however you identify! Keep on making history!!!”

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun
    Published on February 22, 2024