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    Sizzling Sheena Rose

    kippyBy Kippy Marks

    The rhythm of Sheena Rose’s music keeps me dancing, and the vision of her working the stage puts a smile on my face. She is an 80’s goddess with a modern flair. She is a blond bombshell with a tale to tell. If you aren’t yet familiar with her, then it is my honor to present to you the Sizzling Sheena Rose.

    Sheena most recently released “Queen of Clubs,” a hot track with DJ MDW and the amazing VButterfly La Mariposa. There are a million mixes of it available on iTunes and Amazon. Sheena is currently in the studio working on two steamy new tracks. First up, Sheena will be featured on Marco Middlesex‘s new single “Sexation,” which will be released in the coming weeks. Then Sheena will be releasing a new house track with LFB and VButterfly La Mariposa in June, with epic mixes just in time for Pride.

    Sheena, aka Jacob Paiva, loves the way dance music makes her feel. She says, “It makes you feel good and can be very inspiring and uplifting; it’s soulful at times too. I love creating music that makes people want to dance and have a good time.”

    Sheena’s a Bay Area-born goddess, having been raised in Martinez by parents Kent Paiva and Terrie Ausmus. She’s the oldest of three children and has two younger brothers. She attended Alhambra High School in Martinez.


    Shena Rose

    When asked what her first experience with music was, Sheena replies, “I remember when Tina Turner came out with her comeback hit ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It,’ and my mom went and bought it. I remember when my mom first put that record on, and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ Even at that young age, I thought Tina was something special. Like my mother, she inspired me.”

    Sheena adds, “When I was five or six, I remember my mother and father playing their rock records from the 70’s. Music from the Beatles, Rod Stewart, Janis Joplin…I was an 80’s kid, so by the time I was in grade school, it was all about MTV. I loved the music of Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Madonna, Prince, George Michael and, of course, Tina Turner.”

    Sheena moved to San Francisco in the spring of 2004, and has been working diligently to increase her visibility here. Sheena says, “Living here in San Francisco has been such a great experience for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would become a drag queen entertainer and international dance recording artist. It’s been very surreal.”

    When I inquired who her musical influences are now, she replied, “In the house/dance genre my influences are artists such as Leo Frappier, Michael Cerchiai, William Umana, Amanda Lear, Boy George, RuPaul, Jeanie Tracy, Raquela, Amoray, Nina Flowers, and even you, Kippy Marks.”

    You can see Sheena Rose perform weekly with the Hot Boxxx Girls at Aunt Charlie’s lounge and every 2nd and 4th Wednesday with the Dream Queens revue at Aunt Charlie’s. Her music is available on iTunes: and Soundcloud and at Reverbnation You can also friend Sheena Rose on Facebook at Get your feet ready to dance as Sheena Rose puts you in a trance!

    Violinist Kippy Marks entertains audiences worldwide with his inspirational compositions and lively performances that draw from classical, jazz, blues and dance. www.kippy