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    So You’re Engaged … Now What?

    Weddings-01.12.17By Frederick Sullivan, C.W.P., and Jaime Botello

    If your partner recently popped “the question” and you said, “I do,” here are some immediate next steps to consider.

    Call Your Relatives—Even the ones you don’t talk with much

    Engagement dos and don’ts start almost the second you say yes. Your first task? Sharing the exciting news with the world.

    Get Your Ring Sized

    Your stunning sparkler is perfect in every way, except for the wiggle room (or maybe it’s a little tight and turning your fingertip a not-so-Tiffany-blue).

    Get Your Ring Insured

    Nothing can replace the sentimental value of your ring, but if something happens to it, at least you can get your (or your partner’s) money back.

    Set a Date—Even if it’s not the date

    After “Congratulations,” and, “Let me see your ring,” here’s the first thing people will likely ask: “When’s the wedding?” It will save you lots of headaches if the two of you come up with a vague-yet-specific answer, like, “We’re shooting for 2017 or 2018,” or, “We like the idea of next fall.”

     Create a Wedding Blog

    Now that you’ve told everyone the good news, set up a wedding site or blog to keep everyone apprised of your nuptial news. Post photos, write your “how we met” story and have a guestbook. Make it as personal and interactive as you want.

     Daydream, a Lot

    Get a bunch of wedding magazines. Watch all the wedding movies for feel-good tears, and look at maps for honeymoon ideas. Blog-stalk engagement sites.

    Plan a Night Out with Just Your Fiancé

    Until the celebrations and parties and wedding are finally over, there’s not going to be much “just the two of you” moments.

    Think About Whether You Want a Wedding Planner, Coordinator or Want to Go It Alone

    Review the elements of your wedding that’ll take a little planning—negotiating with bakers and caterers for the best prices, finding the ideal venue, organizing party favors—and figure out if those are tasks you want to tackle alone, or if you’d rather hire a wedding planner (stress reduction and a little time-saving sounds nice, right?). Keep in mind that a wedding planner or coordinator will cost extra money, so make sure the option fits into your budget before you give it serious consideration.

    Start a Wedding Savings Account

    Remember that even a simple, small wedding costs money, and sometimes a lot more money than you would ever imagine.

     Ask Your Parents and Close Family Friends for Their Ideal Guest Lists

    Before you start putting a number on how many guests you want, it’s time to ask both your parents about whom they’d most want to invite. Be sure to tell them this is just a preliminary list and that things might change

    Chill Out and Have Fun

    Take time to relax. Get a massage and sleep in when you can, for example. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event purely about you and your fiancé. You are allowed to enjoy it!

    1-PHOTO Fred and Jaime (1)Frederick Sullivan and Jaime Botello, who oversee the Weddings & Occasions page for the San Francisco Bay Times, are the talented wizards behind Sullivan-Botello Events ( and SnB Party Rentals (650 -877 – 0840 , Both are Certified Wedding Planners with extensive experience in creating memorable, personalized events for special occasions. Their rental service is incredible, offering everything from beautiful gold Chiavari chairs to LED dance floors, and all at competitive prices. They are the creators of the Gay Vanity Wedding Show and are longstanding members of the Golden Gate Business Association, which is the nation’s first LGBT Chamber of Commerce.