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    Something About the Women Book Premiere Celebration

    Margie Adam

    Photos by Sandy Morris

    Legendary photographer Irene Young’s new book entitled Something About the Women was celebrated on Sunday, November 19, at two standing room only concerts at Berkeley’s Freight & Salvage.

    For more than five decades, Young has photographed artists from the “Women’s Music” genre, historic for its style and content of music by, for, and about women who love women. Described by singer/songwriter Holly Near, the genre is “98 percent lesbian-feminist music.”

    Performing at the concert, in addition to Near, were The Washington Sisters (Sandra and Sharon), Alive!, Emma’s Revolution, Rhiannon, Carolyn Brandy, Christelle Durandy, Jennifer Berezan, Barbara Borden, Tret Fure, Tammy Hall, Terry Garthwaite, Nina Gerber, Melanie Monsur, Suzanne DiVincenzo, Michaelle Goerlitz, Debbie Fier, Nancy Vogl, Suzanne Shanbaum, Deidre McCalla, Lisa Zeiler and Jennie Chabon, Eve Decker, Inge Hoogerhuis, Robin Flower, Libby McLaren, Sheila Glover, Mary Ford, Laurie Lewis, Margaret Belton, Jean Fineberg, Rachel Garlin, and Skip the Needle (Vicki Randle, Katie Cash, Shelley Doty, Kofy Brown).

    Carolyn Brandy, Tret Fure, Barbara Borden, Michaelle Goerlitz

    Introductions were made by Terri Lynn Delk. Women’s Music pioneer Margie Adam spoke at the first show and author and professor Bonnie Morris addressed guests at the second one, saying, in part, that Young’s photography “electrified rather than objectified” women.

    Irene Young

    The first printing of the much-anticipated book already sold out, but a second printing is now shipping. A pop-up store where the book may be purchased in person will be at the Artisan Cafe in Richmond on December 9 from noon–3 pm.

    Published on December 7, 2023