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    Speaking to Your Soul


    Astrology by
    Elisa Quinzi

    In the context of sobering and tragic events unfolding in our communities and around the world, the celestial energies prompt us not to look away, yet not to spiral into hopelessness either. Reenvision a more mature faith that supports a sustainable reality, both globally and personally.


    (March 21–April 19)

    An ideology you once held as truth has been in a process of dissolving. The current weeks offer a window of opportunity to directly experience the divine. Make room for this and intend to integrate it into your new reality.


    (April 20–May 20)

    Old wounds might be arising into your awareness as of late. You could find needed support and friendship in groups of like minds who are doing healing work. Be sure you are facing reality and not escaping it.


    (May 21–June 20)

    Looking at a relationship, or relationship patterns, more realistically, can reveal underlying motives related to your career direction as well. At the same time, allow a clear vision to develop for what you really desire in both areas and take actions that support that vision.


    (June 21–July 22)

    The current period encourages you to form habits of daily self-care, and work at bringing order to the details of your life so that you may harness your gifts into artistic and/or philosophical expression. A direct perception of universal truth can infuse your daily reality with inspiration.


    (July 23–August 22)

    While Leo is naturally a happy camper, you could be finding it at times difficult to have fun lately, though you’ll still go through the motions of trying. If sadness or seriousness are up for you now, dreamwork can be one way of getting to the bottom of it. A portal is open for you to access your intuitive and psychic gifts. Use them with care.


    (August 23–Sept. 22)

    I offer no wiser words for you right now than those of Mizuta Masahide in his well-known haiku: “Barn’s burnt down –now I can see the moon.”


    (Sept. 23–Oct. 22)

    Right now is a time you can see the connection between the visible and the invisible world. Do not be afraid to bring what you see into your conversations with others. You are gaining more depth and awareness as you open to it.


    (Oct. 23–Nov. 21)

    Value yourself enough to make the disciplined effort to bring your artistic gifts into form. Doing so will provide you with necessary healing and allow you access to the joy you so long for.


    (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

    It’s a very powerful time for you to be rebuilding structures that will support the rest of your life. Most essential is that you clarify a vision that matters to you so the reality that unfolds from here is aligned with your soul purpose.


    (Dec. 22–Jan.19)

    Capricorn is typically uneasy at the crumbling of structures. But one thing is certain–nobody can rebuild like Capricorn. The point now is to tap into a higher reality so that inspiration guides even more than ambition.


    (Jan. 20–Feb. 18)

    A crack in the cerebral armor of Aquarian’s intellect lets the sunlight of the spirit shine in. Something of a mystical nature wants to be lit up now. It will be linked to participation in group energy and/or group sharing. While you have a tendency to avoid groups, you need them.


    (Feb. 19–March 20)

    It is not a stretch to say you have waited your whole life for this moment. But wait no more. Now is the time to clarify the vision for your life, and make the required effort to act on it. You have a direct link to the creative power of the universe, and it is up to you to harness and utilize that power for your highest good, and the good of all involved.

    Elisa Quinzi has been honing the art of astrological counseling since earning professional certification many years ago. In addition to astrological knowledge, she brings a high degree of conscious presence to her work, and creates a safe, easy atmosphere for her client sessions, which come together and unfold organically. Contact her at, 818-530-3366, or visit