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    Student Voices: Our Tiny Little Bubble

    By Jenn Bowman

    (Editor’s Note: Teacher Jenn Bowman of San Francisco’s Mission High School is teaching LGBTQ Studies. In this column, Bowman’s students share their thoughts about LGBTQ-related matters, including their concerns, what they have learned in class and more. The following piece was written by Lillian, who is in the 10th Grade.)

    It has taken some time for me to realize that not everyone in the world, or even in the country, has the same views as those in the great city of San Francisco do. It took a trip to Los Angeles by train, and the demographics of our last election, for the truth to hit me in the face. The beautiful scenery was littered with red “Make America Great Again” signs and train stations had cars with those same red bumper stickers parked in the hot sun.

    According to The New York Times, 30 out of our 50 states voted for Trump. The map of the states is primarily red; a shocking color, threatening to destroy our San Francisco safe haven.

    This fact has made me appreciate my state, city, and school so much more. Though the suburbs of California may be more conservative than the major cities, I feel like these people are not completely radicalized, making it not necessarily accepting, but much more tolerating than the other states.

    Our city is one of difference. People who don’t fit in other places flock here and quickly find a community that embraces them as one of their own. Not fitting in or not being “normal” is the norm, and I think that is beautiful.

    Though Mission High could definitely improve, it is an accepting place with people everyone can, at least somewhat, relate to. This LGBTQ+/ women’s studies class is an even better safe space open to everyone that the students use as a way to talk about, and protest, the new direction this country is taking.

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