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    Terah Bajjalieh Creates Pride-Worthy Wines With Her Signature Stamp of Elegance and Diversity

    Photo by Alyssa Twelker

    In my capacity as host of KQEDs, Check Please! Bay Area, and my wine writing work, I’m so lucky to meet fascinating people from around the San Francisco Bay Area. During two recent KQED events, I heard stories from and shared glasses with an impressive winemaker, Terah Bajjalieh.

    Terah is a native Californian who turned her passion for drinks, food, and travel into a thriving boutique wine brand, Terah Wine Co. Spanning the spectrum of studies from a degree in finance at San Jose State to classes at the International Culinary Institute and a master’s in enology and viticulture from Montpellier Supagro in France, Terah has perfected her craft through rigorous classwork and fieldwork. She has worked harvests in Australia, New Zealand, France, and Argentina, but now makes her home and her wines in the Bay Area.

    Photo Courtesy of Leslie Sbrocco

    I recently caught up with Terah to sample some of her unique lineup of wines, which are all small production lots made using low intervention winemaking techniques. They range from pinks to whites and reds, crafted with her signature stamp of elegance and diversity. I was particularly taken with her fresh and vibrant sangiovese ($32) and her zesty, complex rosé ($29), but Terah also makes vermentino, old-vine grenache, pinot noir, and barbera.

    Leslie Sbrocco: How does being a winemaker enrich your life?

    Terah Bajjalieh: It means I get to indulge in my greatest passions: travel, cultural immersion, and the exploration of great food, all through the lens of wine. It’s not just a profession; it’s a lifestyle that enriches every part of my journey.

    Photo by Mariella Chua

    Leslie Sbrocco: As a woman of color and a member of the LGBTQ community, what does Pride Month mean to you? 

    Terah Bajjalieh: Pride means celebrating diversity, affirming identity, and embracing love in all its beautiful forms. It gives us all space and allows each and every one to exist. 

    Leslie Sbrocco: Since you don’t have a tasting room, what’s the best way to explore your range of wines?

    Terah Bajjalieh: Join my wine club for a journey beyond the ordinary. Discover small-batch varietals from organically farmed vineyards that are sure to bring exceptional flavor to your table.

    You can connect with Terah Bajjalieh @
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    Published on June 27, 2024