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    The 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th Royal Houses

    By Kippy Marks–

    When a candidate campaigns to become a Grand Duke or Grand Duchess, there is always a representation of colors that allows voters to know whom they are voting for. In most cases, candidates will also have a “catchphrase” and a coronation theme for their step-down. Here is a look back at what those were from 1985–1989:


    The 13th Royal House of The Fire Crystal and The Ebony Star
    Former Grand Duke: Tony Travizo (deceased)
    Former Grand Duchess: Deena Jones
    Coronation Theme: “A Russian Fairy Tale”

    In 1986 this Court was exiled for actions not befitting of a Duke and Duchess. Fast forward to 2022. After many years of debate and reconciliation, the Board of Directors voted to re-instate the 13th Royal House with all rights and privileges.


    The 14th Royal House of The Snow Owl and the Silver Peacock
    Grand Duke XIII Mike D’Dyke (deceased)
    Colors: Blue and Silver
    Symbol: Snow Owl
    Always saying: “What’s going on?”
    Grand Duchess XIV Lola Lust (deceased)
    Colors: Silver and Aqua
    Favorite quote: “To be pretty, it must hurt.”
    Coronation Theme: “The Russian Family in Search of Heirs-Spain-China-Russia”

    While Lola was the first Latinx monarch, Mike D’Dyke was the first cis-woman Grand Duke. Mike D’Dyke would then be followed in years to come by Grand Duke 23 Gail Woods and Grand Duchess 44 Madd Dogg 20/20. There would not be a cis-woman Grand Duchess until reign 44 Migette Nielson followed by reign 45 Miss Shugana. Grand Duchess Joie De Vivre

    privately began her transitioning during her reign in 2013 but Grand Duchess Katherine Rose was the first elected openly trans monarch.


    The 15th Royal House of The Golden Eagles and The Eternal Flame
    Grand Duke XIV Tom Roller (deceased)
    Colors: Blue and White
    Symbol: Golden Eagle
    Favorite quote: “Flame resigned.”
    Former Grand Duchess Flame
    Colors: Red, Gold, and Black
    Symbol: Eternal Flame
    Favorite quote: “I resign!”
    Coronation Theme: “Empires of the Old World”

    This particular reign would be significant. Here’s the scoop: Two weeks before step-down, Flame became the first Monarch ever to resign. You see, Flame was a Former Empress of the Imperial Court and it was rumored that she would be stripped of her former title as Empress if she did not abdicate.


    The 16th Royal House of The Golden Bear and The Jade Dragon
    Grand Duke XV Jim Johner
    Colors: unknown
    Symbol: Golden Bear
    Grand Duchess XVI Suzie Wong
    Colors: unknown
    Symbol: Jade Dragon
    Coronation Theme: “A Winter Odyssey to Mother Russia”

    On September 22, 2023, the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco will celebrate 50 years of Camp and Fundraising. The celebration will take place at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Please consider becoming a sponsor.


    Tickets ($80) will go on sale from March 1, 2023–August 25, 2023, with a hard stop on that final date. Save the dates then both for your ticket purchases and for this once-in-a-lifetime historic event!

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    Kippy Marks is Grand Duke XL of The Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco. He is the first ever elected African-American Grand Duke.

    Celebrating 50 Years of the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco
    Published on January 26, 2023