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    The 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th Royal Houses

    By Kippy Marks–

    When a candidate campaigns to become a Grand Duke or Grand Duchess, there is always a representation of colors that allows voters to know who they are voting for. In most cases, candidates will also have a “catchphrase” and a coronation theme for their step-down. Here is a look back at what those were from 1997–2000.


    The 25th Royal House of Guts and Glamour
    Grand Duke XXIV Shawn Dru Colony
    Colors: orange and yellow
    Symbol: Aztec sun
    Grand Duchess XXV Patty Mae (deceased)
    Colors: pink and silver
    Symbol: sterling silver hamburger
    Coronation Theme: “Silver Jubilee – An Evening of Silver Elegance in Old San Francisco”


    The 26th Royal House of Food, Fun, and Friendship
    Grand Duke XXV Philip Seddon (deceased)
    Colors: none
    Symbol: sterling silver spider
    Grand Duchess XXVI Kristy Cruise
    Colors: none
    Symbol: full plate baby el-e-plant
    Coronation Theme: ” A Night in San Francisco with the Royal Family – An Old Fashion Russian Ball”

    This was a very exciting year for The Grand Ducal Council due to the creation of the Royal Daddy contest. The reigning Grand Duchess Kristy Cruise and Grand Duke Philip Seddon began the process of renewing ties between the Leather community and the Drag community. This inaugural contest was held at Daddy’s bar (now 440 Castro) and has continued throughout the years at strengthening our Leather and Drag communities’ togetherness.


    The 27th Royal House of Elegance and Romance
    Grand Duke XXVI Michael Parsons
    Colors: pink, black, blue, and red
    Symbols: Union Jack of England, tea cup & rose
    Grand Duchess XXVII China Silk
    Colors: blue and gold
    Symbol: Asian eye with the word “Love” written in Chinese
    Coronation Theme: ” A Royal Russian Wedding – A Wedding of a Decade … A Love That Lasts Forever”

    This was another spectacular year for the Grand Ducal Council. It was during the reign of Grand Duchess China Silk and Grand Duke Micheal Parsons that the White Knight and Miss Debutante Contest was created. The first White Knight was Darrell Starrling and the first Miss Debutante was Carlotta Osmon Ashton, who would go on to become Grand Duchess XXIX. (more on Carlotta in the next column).


    The 28th Royal House of Commitment and Compassion
    Grand Duke XXVII Greg Osmon (deceased)
    Colors: none
    Symbol: triple star
    Former Grand Duchess Angelina Josphina Manicotti
    Coronation Theme: “A Russian Space Odyssey”

    On September 22, 2023, the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco will celebrate 50 years of Camp and Fundraising. The celebration will take place at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Please consider becoming a sponsor.


    Tickets ($60) are now on sale through August 25, 2023, with a hard stop on that final date. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime historic event, so we hope to see you there!

    Kippy Marks is Grand Duke XL of The Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco. He is the first ever elected African-American Grand Duke.

    Celebrating 50 Years of the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco
    Published on March 9, 2023