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    The 49th Royal House

    By Kippy Marks

    When a candidate campaigns to become a Grand Duke or Grand Duchess, there is always a representation of colors that allows voters to know whom they are voting for. In most cases, candidates will also have a “catchphrase” and a coronation theme for their step-down.

    We have taken a look at the last 48 Royal Houses and have gotten to know a little about each of them. Now, I will feature and spotlight the current Royal House, the 49th, and I will introduce you to the candidates for the upcoming 50th Reign of the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco!


    The 49th Royal House of the Majestics of Light, Love, and Laughter
    (H.M.R.S.M) Reigning Grand Duke: The Platinum Blue-Eyed Extra Duke of Dore Alley Gregg Starr
    Colors: black and silver 
    Symbol: star
    (H.M.R.S.M) Reigning Grand Duchess: The Ever-Blooming Seductive Duchess of Humor and Humility Kelly Rose
    Color: teal 
    Symbol: rose 
    Coronation Theme: “Pop Art at the Pushkin Museum”
    Their Court consists of:

    • Royal Crown PrinceX: Angel Summers
    • Royal Crown Princess: Sue Trowtower
    • Prince Royale: Ray Ray Roldan
    • Princess Royale: La Rosa De Los Gallos
    • Miss Debutante: EB Tina
    • Royal Rainbow Knight: Aleks Faynleyb
    • Royal Baby: Raya Light
    • Royal Baby: Tawdry Hepburrn
    • Royal King of Hearts: Woodcock Johnson
    • Royal Queen of Hearts: Croptop 
    • Miss Royal Bunny: Lady Fawn
    • Miss Royal Bunny: Vivianne Vixen 
    • Miss Royal Bunny: Salvation
    • Royal Daddy: Mark Hankins
    • Royal Daddy’s Boy: Pup Rush (Rodrigo Patron) 

    (H.M.R.S.M) Kelly Rose joined the San Francisco Ducal Council in 2015 as a Royal Baby, for the 43rd Royal House.  She then became Royal Baby again in 2017 for the 45th Royal House. I asked (H.M.R.S.M) Kelly Rose on behalf of the San Francisco Bay Times about her inspiration. She said, “I thoroughly enjoyed my first year as Royal Baby for Grand Duchess Olivia Hart, and even more so, my second go round as Royal Baby for Grand Duchess MGM Grande, then a few years later in 2022, I decided it was my time to run for Grand Duchess and see if I could continue bringing my humor and determination to this title. I love working with new performers and helping bring more awareness to social issues impacting our communities.”

    (H.M.R.S.M) Grand Duke Greggory Starr started his journey with the Grand Ducal Council in 2022 when he became Rainbow Knight in the 48th Royal House under Grand Duchess Bobby Friday and Grand Duke Scott Rice. 

    It was at the Cotillion when it was suggested that Gregg run for Grand Duke, and thus began his journey to becoming XLIX Grand Duke. I asked (H.M.R.S.M) Gregg about his journey. He shared, “One of the main reasons I chose to run for Grand Duke was to have the opportunity to raise money for the Castro Country Club. I am in recovery and very proud of my recovery process. I am very thankful for the Castro Country Club, and together with the Grand Ducal Council’s platform I would be able to raise much more needed funds for the Castro Country Club that I would not be able to have done on my own.”

    Together, with their combined efforts, they raised over $107,000 for their local charities. (H.M.R.S.M) Gregg and (H.M.R.S.M) Kelly stepped up as Monarchs not knowing each other, and it took a while for them to become the close friends that they are today. They both expressed to me what a special and unforgettable time they have had traveling together to other Realms, cities, and Kingdoms. In a joint statement they said, “We both thoroughly enjoyed Fresno’s and Las Vegas’s Coronation and we’ve had a fantastic time building friendships and communities while out on the town.”

    While their Majesties have had an amazing year, their reign isn’t quite over yet and they are looking forward to their “Pop Art at The Pushkin Museum” Coronation as they help to usher in the 50th reign, and look forward to celebrating their successful reign of community service with everyone. 

    The Candidates for the 50th Royal House are Christina Ashton for Grand Duchess and Ray Ray Roland for Grand Duke. They are both running unopposed but must still receive 50% +1 yes votes of this community-based vote in order to receive the illustrious title of Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of San Francisco, Marin, and San Mateo counties. I wish them both the best, as well as good luck in their campaigning efforts.

    On Friday, September 22, 2023, from 6 pm to 11 pm, the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco will celebrate 50 years of Camp and Fundraising. The celebration will take place at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

    From September 20–24, 2023, the Grand Ducal Council and Their Most Royal Sovereign Majesties will present:

    Coronation 49 Events in San Francisco

    In Town Show
    Wednesday, September 20
    6–9 pm
    2344 Market Street

    50th Anniversary Gala
    Friday, September 22
    50 Years of Camp and Royalty
    CA Academy of Sciences
    55 Music Concourse Drive
    Doors at 6 pm
    Sold out!

    Saturday, September 23
    Holiday Inn Golden Gateway
    Emerald Ballroom
    1500 Van Ness Ave
    Doors at 5 pm
    Coronation at 6 pm
    Purchase tickets in advance online until midnight, Friday, September 22.
    Tickets may also be purchased at the door.

    Victory Brunch
    Sunday, September 24
    11 am–2 pm
    Ti Piacera Ristorante
    1507 Polk Street
    $50 Entry Fee Per Person (includes brunch, coffee, tea & sodas)
    Purchase advanced tickets at

    Kippy Marks is Grand Duke XL of The Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco. He is the first ever elected African-American Grand Duke.

    Celebrating 50 Years of the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco
    Published on September 21, 2023