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    The Foggy Bottoms Boys and The Tiny Farmer: Our Story

    By Thomas and Cody Nicholson Stratton–

    Our 6th generation working organic dairy farm has operated since the 1860s in the foggy bottoms of the Eel River Valley on the North Coast of California. Now focused on diversifying to operate as a multi-species regenerative demonstration farm, we look forward to supporting your educational journey and connection with local nutritionally dense food. Nicknamed the Foggy Bottoms Boys by other local farmers, we are two fabulously gay farmers, Thomas & Cody Nicholson Stratton, along with the new addition of our son, Silas the Tiny Farmer.

    The Foggy Bottoms Boys evolved out of our passion for diversified livestock and local food systems when we returned to Cody’s family’s organic jersey dairy in 2014. It was originally developed from our social media platform presence with consistent nuggets of fun agricultural education and insights into the daily life of farming and dedication to our motto of “Slow Organic Growth.” We continue to produce a daily dose of social content while providing our customers with the highest quality pasture-raised fiber and protein available with chicken eggs, beef, lamb, and cheese!

    The Nicholson family has been partners with the Rumiano Cheese Company, the oldest family-owned cheese company in California, for three generations. All our cows’ milk is shipped to the Rumiano Crescent City manufacturing facility. The Foggy Bottoms Jersey dairy is certified humane, non-GMO, and organic, with cows enjoying 365 days on lush green pastures under the fog cover of the cool Humboldt County weather. 

    Our diverse family dairy farm promotes the regeneration of the soil community. We pride ourselves in delivering our customers food and fiber that have been ethically raised, promoting climate beneficial regenerative healthy soils systems while providing nutrient-dense protein, luxurious fiber, and preserving open landscapes for future generations. 

    Our farming stories began to blend in 2007. A Humboldt County native, Cody attended Eastern Oregon University (EOU) in La Grande Oregon a few miles away from Thomas’ hometown of Union. During Cody’s freshman year at EOU, Thomas was finishing his senior year of high school and we were aptly introduced at Starbucks by a mutual friend. 

    Thomas gained his Bachelors in Business Administration & Marketing while living in Denver, engaging with non-profit work in food systems education, while Cody earned his Bachelors in Range Land Management and started his career on a private label organic meat company managing their poultry division. Years after exploring the world, Cody and Thomas finally married in 2016. The farm has been growing ever since!

    Inspired by our original motivation to share the importance of a thriving local agricultural economy, the farm’s diversification, and focus on regenerative practices, we are now excited to provide hands on educational tours, allowing others to engage in farm opportunities to connect with the soil and us as agriculturalists:

    In terms of this holiday time, for us, Thanksgiving is spent with family. We have lunch with the entire clan of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends at Cody’s grandparents’ house. Traditionally we eat at noon so that we are done by 2:30 pm to start the evening milking and chores. Then everyone returns after chores to enjoy leftovers together.

    While we have many things to be grateful for this year, the top of our list is that Silas’ adoption finalized after three years of waiting.

    Published on November 16, 2022