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    Three Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Knees

    fitnessAt Inside Out Fitness we are all about you feeling good in your body so that you can get moving in a way that pleases you! Knee pain can often get in the way going forward with life, let alone an exercise program. If you have knee pain, you are in the right place because healing knees is something we help people with every day.

    If you have knee pain, you are certainly not alone. In the United States, 19.4 million doctor visits each year are about knee pain. Now imagine the people that don’t go to the doctor; that’s a lot of knee pain. Today we are going give you 3 easy ways to reduce knee pain by pointing out 3 mistakes most people make, and what to do about them.

    Many movements put pressure on your knees. Over time this can lead to discomfort and serious pain. Even something as simple as how you sit, stand and sleep unknowingly contributes to knee pain.

    Mistake Number One- Sitting with your knees tucked way underneath you for long periods of time.

    You put unnecessary strain on your knees when you sit like this.

    The Fix- 90 Degree Rule: Sit with your knees over your ankles so that you have a 90-degree bend. If/when you find yourself sitting with your feet tucked under you at your desk, undo it. Just keep noticing and changing. Bonus- The extra moving back and forth is good for the joint. Remember, motion is lotion.

    I have a client who was always stiff and sore when she stood up at work. When she used the 90 Degree Rule, that stiff and unsteady feeling went away. Now she is getting up from her desk with ease and is even using the stairs instead of the elevator. As her pain decreases and her mobility increases, she is becoming more enthusiastic and productive at work.

    Mistake Number Two- Standing with your knees locked.

    Your knee is a hinge joint. Think of it like a car door hinge. If the car door is open as far as it goes, doesn’t it feel like you might break the door if you keep pushing? Well, that is what it’s like when you are standing with your knees locked. The hinge is at the end range and then you push it. The locked position also makes your knee joint responsible for holding your body weight instead of having your muscles do this.

    The Fix- When you are standing, soften your knees. Try it now. Stand and let your weight sit mostly on your heels and balls of your feet with knees soft (unlocked). It’s that easy. Go from locked to unlocked a few times and notice what it feels like. Bonus- Gently squeeze your butt muscles as you unlock your knees so that those muscles can hold your body weight.

    Mistake Number Three- Sleeping in the fetal position.

    The Fix- Reduce knee pain while you sleep. Really? Really! So if you are a side sleeper, keep your knees at 90 degrees or even straight (sleep in an “L”) instead of fetal. Could it be that simple? No one tells you this, but the more time you spend with your legs straight, the less strain there is on your knees. If you sleep on your back, then your legs are straight and you are golden.

    The only thing you need to implement these tips is awareness. When you notice you are doing one of the mistakes, simply un-do it.

    The next time we are going to present the Miracle Knee exercise!

    Cinder Ernst, Medical Exercise Specialist and Life Coach Extraordinaire, helps reluctant exercisers get moving with safe, effective and fun programs. Find out more at