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    Three Tips to Get the Best Wedding Photos Ever

    WeddingPhotos-01By Colson Griffith

    Many people say wedding photography is the most important thing about your wedding. I totally agree, but here’s the thing: If you are rushed, frazzled, frustrated, or otherwise not having a totally bombastic time, every photo is going to remind you of that terrible, no good, feeling. Ugh!

    Photos remind us of what our true emotions were during a particular time in the past. We love a photo because of how it makes us feel, not because of what it looks like. So, in order to get the best photos ever, what should you be focused on? Having an absolute freaking amazeballs celebration! If you’re feelin’ the groove, boppin’ your head, smiling like a giggling school girl, and letting your inner beauty shine, I can guarantee you’re going to love your photos. That, my friends, is what great wedding photography is all about. So, how do we get all of this energy and excitement to come bubbling out of your body on such a crazy, jam-packed day? Here we go: My top 3 tips to maximize your wedding photo success!

    Buy a Bluetooth battery powered speaker, make a playlist, and bump some tunes! Spotify might be god’s greatest gift to our ears. It can also be god’s greatest gift to your shaking booty! Have you ever walked into a bride or groom’s getting ready room and found that it’s just silent? Yuck! Imagine if Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” was tickling your eardrums instead. See? You’re starting to move your body just thinking about it! If you start to move and groove, that energy is going to come shining through in a massive smile on your face. All your photographer has to do is snap, snap, snap! Buy a Jambox, make a playlist, and have a palooza!

    See each other before your ceremony and grab a drink with your peeps! Traditionally photographers think of a first look as a time for photos. That’s weak. If planned correctly, it can be a time to kick off your celebration early! Do your first look and then invite your bridal party to join you for a kickoff celebration and plan to have a drink and a bite to eat! The whole purpose is to intentionally schedule time to relax, have fun and enjoy the day!  When you all start feeling the flow, then grab your photographer and take some photos. Your smiles will be in full effect!

    Look at your schedule, and add 10 minutes. Time on wedding day is your BFF! Feel like you’re cutting it close? Just add 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Weddings get all cray cray because you feel pressed for time. Add a little nugget here, and a little nugget there, and there will be nothing that can get in the way of your awesomeness.


    That’s it! Honestly, set yourself up to be relaxed and have fun on your wedding day and all your photographer will need to do is capture you beaming from head to toe. You’ll feel utterly amazing, and years from now you’ll get to go back and re-experience all that awesomeness time and time again.

    Colson Griffith specializes in creating tailored photographic experiences that are designed to help you have the best day ever! Visit or call 415-314-6096 to book a consultation. 


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