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    Top of Your Stack: 3.9.23

    My Nemesis (fiction- hardbound) by Charmaine Craig

    Tessa is a successful writer who develops a friendship, first by correspondence and then in person, with Charlie, a ruggedly handsome philosopher and scholar based in Los Angeles. Sparks fly as they exchange ideas about Camus and masculine desire, and their intellectual connection promises more—but there are obstacles to this burgeoning relationship. Compassionate and thought-provoking, My Nemesis is a brilliant story of seduction, envy, and the ways we publicly define and privately deceive ourselves today.

    Women are the Fiercest Creatures (fiction- paperback) by Andrea Dunlop

    Set in the wealthy enclaves of Seattle’s tech elite, the lives of these three women grow entangled as long-held secrets are forced to the surface, threatening to destroy their families. Written with razor-sharp intelligence and heart, Women Are the Fiercest Creatures is a searing look at the complexities of family and the obstacles women navigate in every aspect of their existence.

    What Napoleon Could Not Do (fiction – hardbound) by DK NNuro

    America seen through the eyes and ambitions of three characters with ties to Africa are highlighted in this gripping novel. When siblings Jacob and Belinda Nti were growing up in Ghana, their goal was simple: to move to America. For them, the United States was both an opportunity and a struggle, a goal and an obstacle. Their desires and ambitions shed light on the promise and the disappointment that life in a new country offers. How each character comes to understand this and how each learns from both their dashed hopes and their fulfilled dreams lie at the heart of what makes What Napoleon Could Not Do such a compelling, insightful read.

    Upcoming Events

    Wednesday, March 15 @ 6 pm (free, Corte Madera store) Kate Zernike, author of The Exceptions

    Zernike is the Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who broke the story about the inspiring account of sixteen female scientists who forced MIT to publicly admit it had been discriminating against its female faculty for years, sparking a nationwide reckoning with the pervasive sexism in science. The Exceptions is a powerful yet all-too-familiar story that will resonate with all professional women who experience what those at MIT called “21st-century discrimination”—a subtle and stubborn bias, often unconscious but still damaging.

    Thursday, March 16 @ 6 pm (free, Corte Madera store) Andrew Sean Greer in conversation with Sarah Ladipo Manyika, author of Between Starshine and Clay: Conversation from the Black Diaspora 

    In a series of incisive and intimate encounters, Ladipo Manyika introduces some of the most distinguished Black thinkers of our time, including Nobel Laureates Toni Morrison and Wole Soyinka, and civic leaders first lady Michelle Obama and Senator Cory Booker. She searches for truth with poet Claudia Rankine and historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. She discusses race and gender with South African filmmaker Xoliswa Sithole and American actor and playwright Anna Deavere Smith. She interrogates the world around us with pioneering publisher Margaret Busby, parliamentarian Lord Michael Hastings, and civil rights activist Pastor Evan Mawarire—who dared to take on President Robert Mugabe and has lived to tell the tale.

    Sunday, March 19 @ 2 pm (free, Ferry Building store) Adele Bertei, author of Twist: An American Girl

    Through the eyes of her alter ego Maddie Twist, Bertei threads together the tapestry of an extraordinary, troubled childhood in the 60s and 70s. It begins with her beautiful mother, whose delusions of grandeur bring both wonders and horrors to the Bertei home. In frank prose without an ounce of self-pity, Twist is an episodic survival of the fittest, navigating the crooked rivers of poverty, race, sexuality, and gender. It is a world of little girl gangsters, drag queen solidarity, wild roller-skating, and magical thinking. With Twist, Bertei gives us a story of violence and madness, of heartbreak and perseverance, and, ultimately, redemption.

    Top of Your Stack – Book Recommendations from Book Passage
    Published on March 9, 2023