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    Top of Your Stack 6.13.24

    The Guncle Abroad (fiction – hardcover) by Steven Rowley

    The beloved and fun-loving “guncle” returns, diving headfirst into the whirlwind of family drama at his brother’s extravagant Italian wedding. Amid the chaos of the groom’s cold feet, sibling rivalry, and moody teenagers, he is determined to ensure everyone finds their happy ending. Signed copies are available!

    Free to Be: Understanding Kids & Gender Identity (non-fiction – hardcover) by Dr. Jack Turban

    Child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Jack Turban follows three transgender and gender-diverse youths on their journey of self-discovery and gender-affirming care in a complex social and political climate. Free to Be provides tools for caregivers and children to navigate gender identity and its societal implications. Signed copies are also available!

    Canto Contigo: A Novel (fiction- hardcover) by Jonny Garza Villa
    When Mariachi star Rafael Alvarez transfers schools, he expects to be the lead vocalist in his new singing group, but he finds that the spot has been taken by a past romantic fling: the boy he made out with eight months ago. Now how will he prove himself as the greatest Mariachi his late abuelo believed in?

    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, June 13 @ 5:30 pm (free – Ferry Building store) Sara Glass, author of Kissing Girls on Shabbat

    Kissing Girls on Shabbat is a memoir about a young woman’s struggle to embrace her queer identity within a controlling Hasidic community while striving to protect her family. Sara Glass, PhD, LCSW, will discuss her book with author Cathy Rath on June 13. After the event, Glass will answer audience questions and sign copies of her book.

    Saturday, June 22 @ 3 pm (free – Ferry Building store SF) Karl Dunn, author of How to Burn a Rainbow: My Gay Marriage Didn’t Make Me Whole, My Divorce Did

    Karl Dunn’s How to Burn a Rainbow is a memoir detailing the abrupt end of his marriage and the ensuing journey of self-discovery. Follow along as Dunn discards societal expectations imposed by both the gay and straight communities, confronts his deepest fears, and carves out his own path to self-love. Dunn will answer questions and sign copies of his book.

    Top of Your Stack – Recommendations from Book Passage
    Published on June 13, 2024