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    Top of Your Stack – Recommendations from Book Passage 12.1.22

    A Girlhood (nonfiction/memoir – hardbound) by Carolyn Hays

    This is a parent’s love letter to a daughter who has always known exactly who she is. One ordinary day, a caseworker from the Department of Children and Families knocked on the Hays family’s door to investigate an anonymous complaint about the

    upbringing of their transgender child. It was this knock, this threat, which began the family’s journey out of the Bible Belt but never far from the hate and fear resting at the nation’s core. 

    The Rabbit Hutch (fiction – hardbound) by Tess Gunty

    Blandine isn’t like the other residents of her building: an online obituary writer, a young mother with a dark secret, and a woman waging a solo campaign against rodents. These are neighbors who are separated only by the thin walls of a low-cost housing

    complex in the once bustling industrial center of Vacca Vale, Indiana. Welcome to The Rabbit Hutch.

    California Soul: Recipes from a Culinary Journey West (cookbook) by Tanya Holland

    This is a great gift for the holidays for the food lover and/or home cook on your list! Through more than 80 seasonally inspired recipes, Holland’s California Soul showcases modern soul food from the acclaimed chef of Brown Sugar Kitchen and host of 

    Tanya’s Kitchen Table. Her inventive cuisine—rooted in a Black Southern cultural repertoire with a twenty-first-century

    sensibility using local, sustainable, chef-driven, seasonal ingredients—is showcased in recipes for every season.

    Upcoming Events

    Sunday, December 4 @ 4 pm (free in store/Corte Madera) – Emil DeAndreis, author of Tell Us When to Go

    The post-recession Bay Area is a land fertile for world-changers and dreamers. This is the setting for Tell Us When to Go, a millennial coming-of-age story, part Silicon Valley satire, and part urgent glimpse into the darker sides of privilege, troll culture, and class disparity. It asks the question, what comes of a friendship, or a city, with so much splitting it apart? Can it be saved?

    Saturday, December 10 @ 1 pm (Meet & Greet Book Signing – SF Ferry Building) Tanya Holland, author of California Soul cookbook
    Through more than 80 seasonally inspired, comforting recipes, Holland’s California Soul traces the roots of modern California soul food to the Great Migration, with phenomenal recipes from the acclaimed Bay Area chef, author, and media personality.

    Tuesday, December 13 @ 7 pm (SF Calvary Presbyterian Church – free in-person & online) Carolyn Chin, author of Work Pray Code

    Silicon Valley is known for its lavish perks, intense work culture, and spiritual gurus. Work Pray Code explores how tech companies are bringing religion into the workplace in ways that are replacing traditional places of worship, blurring the line between work and religion and transforming the very nature of spiritual experience in modern life. Work Pray Code reveals what can happen when work becomes religion, and when the workplace becomes the institution that shapes our souls.

    Top of Your Stack
    Published on December 1, 2022