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    Transgender Modeling Agency Is Seeking New Hires

    midAsuncion and his team are actively seeking models for Apple Model Management’s upcoming new all-transgender agency. When we spoke with Asuncion, he was virtually swimming in applications, but demand is so high now for such models that there appear to be more opportunities than trained individuals to work those jobs.

    Perhaps you could be the next model superstar?

    Asuncion said that individuals from all experience levels—from none to some to a lot—are encouraged to apply. He stressed, “If you are selected, we will provide training and there is absolutely no cost.” Some “vanity” agencies, similar to so-called vanity publishers, get participants to pay for training and interviews, but he strongly cautioned against those.

    The agency’s Thailand office already often works with major fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle and Bazaar, as well as popular publications and fashion houses in New York, Paris, Milan, London and in other cities around the globe. He indicated that Apple’s models are also represented in films, television commercials, major fashion shows and more.

    There is a catch, however. Asuncion said transwomen must be 5’8” and up and transmen must be 5’10”–6’2”. Height and other standards established for models, which vary per agency yet tend to favor tall and thin individuals, still spark debates.


    For the lucky ones who are selected, the rewards can be high—in terms of payment, travel, and the possibility of later, regular television, print, and/or film work. Apple transgender model Dominique, for example, had a difficult childhood growing up in Trinidad and Tobago before moving to the U.S. In addition to her modeling work, she has now authored an empowering book ( and serves as a muse for top fashion designers.

    Aspiring models may apply through Apple Model Management’s website: