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    Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

    By Donna Sachet–

    (Editor’s Note: The following tribute was placed by Donna Sachet, along with an image of Queen Elizabeth II flanked by elegant floral bouquets, at 18th and Castro Streets on September 14, 2022.)

    It may be hard to explain the Gay Community’s fascination with Royalty, but I certainly share it. Perhaps that is why the recent death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has touched me so profoundly. When she promised to devote her “entire life, whether it be short or long, to the service” of her kingdom, at the age of 21, she meant every word and kept her word. No wonder she is so universally mourned now. It has been said that Queen Elizabeth may have met more individuals than anyone in history, and when you think of her travels, her many public appearances, and her commitment to her duty, that claim becomes believable.

    When José Sarria created the Imperial Court, he wanted to elevate those who had long been downtrodden by society, who had questioned their intrinsic value, and who had grown to hate themselves. Suddenly, not only were Gay people valued, but they were our own Royalty, swathed in elaborate costumes and donning sparkling crowns. Ours is a game of pretend, but we feel a special connection to true Royalty and the loss of such a special Monarch is extraordinary.

    Thank you, Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for your shining example of grace, service, and dedication to duty.

    Donna Sachet is the Absolute Empress XXX of San Francisco.

    Published on September 22, 2022