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    We Need Everyone This Year!

    By Suzanne Ford–

    Make no mistake. This is the most important SF Pride in the last 25 years! We, as a community, especially trans people, face an unleashed anger we have not seen in decades. My heart aches as crazed legislators all over this country dream up new laws meant to oppress a vulnerable minority. Many people have asked me how they can help. Join us!! Help SF Pride draw a line on Market Street. Are you on the side of human rights for all people, or does your silence aid those who would erase us? There is no middle of the road or moderate position.  

    Many people have taken Pride parades and celebrations for granted over the last decade. Why should we attend or donate? Because Prides all over our country are under assault. Here in San Francisco, SF Pride has remained free to the public, while many of the nation’s larger Pride celebrations have charged for many years. The rising costs to produce safe parades and events have outpaced our ability to raise money. Donations have steadily declined since 2017.  

    This year we are determined to give you the opportunity to say that SF Pride matters. We will use a new device on Market Street that will allow us to safely raise desperately needed funds. An army of volunteers will go down Market Street with selfie sticks with devices called Tip Tap. You can use your credit/debit cards or cell phones with Apple or Google Pay to donate either 5 or 10 dollars. This transaction will only take 2 seconds!!!! I know our paradegoers want to support SF Pride! These same devices will also be used at the celebration site. Help us to remain the iconic queer organization for the world!

    Do not miss out on Saturday’s celebration this year! The Main Stage will feature headliner Princess Nokia! Four community stages will be in action: Soul of Pride, Latin X, Trans stage, and the Indie Oasis. Homo Hip Hop and the Country Dance folks return for two days this year. We need you to come out Saturday and support these great communities.

    Sunday, of course, will be the culmination of a month of honoring the LGBTQIA community. The Dykes on Bikes will lead us down Market Street. The API and the Women’s stages will join Soul of Pride and the Latin X. Our Kaiser Permanente Main Stage will feature headliners Princess Nokia and Hayley Kiyoko. 

    Remember, showing up at SF Pride goes beyond a celebration of love and acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community. It becomes a powerful statement for human rights, not just for ourselves, but for all LGBTQ+ individuals around the world. By joining together in this deep display of solidarity, we send a resounding message that equality, dignity, and freedom are non-negotiable rights that should be afforded to every single person, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

    SF Pride becomes a platform where our voices amplify, where our presence ignites change, and where our collective determination reshapes the very fabric of society. So, let us march, let us dance, and let us embrace one another with pride, for in doing so, we become agents of progress, inspiring hope and paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

    Suzanne Ford is the Executive Director of San Francisco Pride.

    Published on June 22, 2023