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    Wedding Party Etiquette

    selectingringsIt takes the combined effort of a great team of people to put on a flawless wedding production, and we sometimes forget to acknowledge that the couple getting married needs all the help they can get. The wedding planning team will handle the décor and all day-of essentials, but there are always lingering duties. It’s natural to think that the couple will handle these, but I’m here to send a message to all wedding parties out there: It’s your job to help! Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be recognized for being a topnotch member of the party.

    Offer your help. When you’ve agreed to be in a wedding party, make sure you ask the couple if they need your help. They may say they don’t need anything at the time. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, however, make sure you check in again. Usually there will be something for you to do then.

    Split the duties. There is power in numbers, so consider splitting the lingering duties among all members of the wedding party. Guess what? The grunt work will then get done on time.

    Get crafty. There are many loose ends in the weeks leading up to a wedding, involving preparing favors, typing out programs or signs, and doing other things. If you’re crafty, you are the perfect person to help. Announce those creative skills early on. You’ll be a source of relief.

    Enlist your talents, or not. We all have special talents. If those talents involve entertainment, it’s acceptable to offer them to the couple for their wedding day. For example, maybe you’re an accomplished singer or a poet. Conversely, many of us may not have as much great talent as we think, or your style could not match that of the couple. If the couple declines your offer, don’t take it personally. There are plenty of other ways you can help.

    Chanda Monique Eddens is the executive designer and owner of A Monique Affair. Chanda aims to provide a beautiful and memorable experience, delivering an event that will enchant both you and your guests.