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    Where Will You Spend Your Holidays? Wave, Pebble & Bow

    By Kit Kennedy

    Pick up the pebble, otherwise

    why do you have hands,

    those vessels of touch? Or eyes

    the hammock where memory naps

    and awakens?

    This season take yourself

    to the ocean, stand at the lip,

    listen to sand and surf converse.

    Imagine the bow you will select.

    Will it be the hue of persimmon

    or pomegranate, the matted grey

    of pigeon or gull, the velvet of crow,

    morning moon, cresting wave?


    Laugh when you realize

    no bow necessary

    when a gift cannot be wrapped.


    Yes, go to the ocean and remember

    carry a small sack – a few apples

    or pears, handful of nuts, nibbles

    of cheese. Small but enough to share

    as you step into the circle

    be amazed – outside/inside

    gleaming & sparkling.
    Kit Kennedy is the “Bay Times”  Poet in Residence.