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    Christiana Remington-Jones Is the Talented Visionary Behind Oakland Pride’s Womyn’s Stage

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    Christiana Remington-Jones

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    Christiana and Blou Jae

    Oakland Pride is Sunday, September 11, and one of its cannot-miss attractions is the Womyn’s Stage. Inspired by requests from the East Bay LGBT women’s community, the Womyn’s Stage has been a crucial part of Oakland’s Pride celebration for many years. Behind the scenes is Christiana Remington-Jones, who, with her dedicated team, makes all of the magic happen.

    San Leandro and Berkeley native Remington-Jones and her crew are committed to highlighting LGBT women’s creativity and passions within the larger Oakland Pride event. They say that this year, the Womyn’s Stage will feature “electrifying talent on-stage including musicians, vocalists and dancers showcasing an array of entertainment styles, as well as female DJs highlighting a diverse range of musical genres, and special guest appearances by lesbian-identified and LGBTQ friendly celebrities and performers.”

    Given that past entertainment on the Womyn’s Stage has included everyone from legendary DJ Page Hodel to hip hop faves Breathless aka Honey B, expect to be swept away by the grooves when Pride Sunday in Oakland finally arrives.

    A star for us is Remington-Jones herself, whose work in the local LGBT music scene merits more recognition, in our view. Yet another incredibly talented woman—actress/author/writer/poet Venus Jones (—recently interviewed Remington-Jones on behalf of the San Francisco Bay Times. The two share not only a last name, but also a love for our community and Oakland Pride. Let’s listen/read in on their conversation…

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    Venus Jones:  What exactly is your role with the Womyn’s Stage at the Oakland Pride Festival?

    Christiana Remington-Jones: I am the Executive Producer of the Womyn’s Stage.

    Venus Jones: How long have you been the Executive Producer?

    Christiana Remington-Jones: I have been the Executive Producer for the last 6 years with Oakland Pride.

    Venus Jones: How did you get started producing the Womyn’s Stage?

    Christiana Remington-Jones: Here is a little “herstory” first. I originally produced a party for lesbian women of color named Butta in Oakland. Butta ran for 10 years with great success and SHE is now retired. I enjoyed being able to create a safe space for women of color. About 8 years ago I was offered a chance to volunteer for the Soul of Pride Stage with San Francisco Pride. I saw this as an opportunity to learn, grow and enhance my skills. I became the co-producer of the San Francisco Soul of Pride Stage. I loved it! I enjoy recruiting local talent and showcasing women artists.

    About two years in, Oakland Pride contacted me about the Womyn’s Stage. I then became the Executive Producer of the Womyn’s Stage for Oakland Pride, a title that I have held over the last five years.  This year, I am still producing the Womyn’s Stage, yet I made some changes and created the Womyn’s Stage Collaborative. The Collaborative includes Christie James, Stage Manager; (you!) Venus I. Jones, Back Stage Manager; and Elana Bolds, Parade Manager.

    Venus Jones: How about your personal life?

    Christiana Remington-Jones: I am a wife, a mother of six children and three step children. I have four wonderful grandchildren. I like to spend as much time with my lil’ ones as I am able to.  I am a real community person; I always have been. I am a big believer in making sure women are represented no matter where we go, and women of color specifically.

    Venus Jones: What are your future goals? You don’t have to give away any secrets.

    Christiana Remington-Jones: I always have big goals, but one in particular will be my legacy! Coming 2017.

    For more information on Oakland Pride, including the full entertainment lineup, please go to: