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    World’s Gayest City Hall Turns 100 + Image Gallery

    rainbowHarvey Milk frequently used to pause and admire the engraved medallions at San Francisco City Hall depicting Liberty, Equality, Learning and Strength. Years later, Patrick Carney, who worked on the restoration of City Hall and is the organizer of the annual Pink Triangle display at Twin Peaks on Pride Sunday, did the same. Carney made a fitting discovery: the Equality medallion features a pink triangle.

    Read into that observation what you will, but the fact remains that San Francisco City Hall holds many LGBT secrets, not to mention history, given the central role that it has played throughout our community’s existence here in the Bay Area. So much emotion has poured outside of its Madera County granite exterior, after both unthinkable tragedies and events leading to pure, exhilarating joy.

    In this issue, we honor venerable San Francisco City Hall during its centennial year. Thank you to Carney, who below shares more about this world-class landmark. He provided our cover photo, as well as many of the images in this section.