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    Bare Chests, Bikinis, Bulges, Beers, Oh My …

    JohnChenBy John Chen

    Have you ever eaten Jell-O shots off a hot jock’s muscular bare chest or curvaceous cleavage? Imagine a sexy athlete laid out in front of you bare skinned, with beads of perspiration slowly moving across his/her muscular abdomen gazing at you invitingly, longing for you, and waiting for you to gently suckle the sweet vodka agar out of the tiny cup nestled ever so smartly in his/her nirvana. No? Maybe you prefer to watch?

    Over the years, LGBT sports teams and organizations have formed a symbiotic and mutually supportive relationship with locally owned LGBT businesses that serves as a major foundation for our collective bond and strength. For businesses, it’s an investment and a way to give back to their community. Former Lone Star Saloon owner JJ Beck sponsored a few select sports groups, such as Inferno Softball, which specifically set and accomplish community service goals. According to JJ, working with LGBT sports groups is another way “to strengthen our community and to have more safe places where we can be ourselves.”

    Lone Star in SOMA is just one of the many, many LGBT-owned businesses that proudly sponsors sports groups. The Edge in the Castro has a long-standing relationship with the F-Liner Softball Teams, and more recently, the Balls of Furry Volleyball Group. On any given Sunday afternoon, you will see athletes in and out of uniforms selling Jell-O shots and beer busts, flirting shamelessly with patrons, and hosting various parties and hilarious drag performances.


    On the far end of the Castro, Pilsner Inn has been very generous to a variety of LGBT sports groups, including Fog Rugby, Spikes Soccer, San Francisco Gay Flag Football and Pilsner softball teams. All of the sports groups have become an integral part of the Pilsner community. Another iconic business in SOMA, SF Eagle, empowers not only sports groups such as Warrior Brothers Grappling and Golden Gate Wrestling, but also the popular bar hosts fundraisers for various LGBT organizations and charities, including toy drives, choirs and AIDS/LifeCycle. The list of gay businesses all over San Francisco supporting a safer, healthier and thriving community goes on and on.

    If you haven’t been to one of the local businesses for a sports-themed fundraiser, you are definitely missing out, and you may want to head down to the Castro and/or SOMA. You definitely do not want to miss all the hot jocks in just jocks, all the beers you can drink, and all the other creative and sexy ways athletes use to garner your support and attention. Just as importantly, you do not want to miss an opportunity to support and strengthen our community. In the immortal words of JJ Beck: “Together we are a lot stronger!”

    John Chen, a UCLA alumnus and an avid sports fan, has competed as well as coached tennis, volleyball, softball and football teams.