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    Current Market Conditions Just Ahead of Spring

    johnwesley2Let’s talk about current market conditions. Here we are at the end of winter, just realizing that spring is only weeks away. Buyers, sellers and their agents are challenged to keep up with the pace of our fast changing real estate market. The concept of supply and demand is in full swing; inventory is very low, and buyers are plentiful! Rates are excellent, cash is abundant, multiple offers are common with any well priced and presented property, and our economy has been in recovery mode for more than a year.

    What is your learning curve? 

    Sellers: In a seller’s world, having an understanding of the power of investing in the presentation of your home is key. Think beyond paint, flooring, staging, and landscaping; these are only the basics. With proper aesthetic choices and budgeting, you not only affect how many views your home gets online before buyers ever step foot inside, you also absolutely affect the offers on the table. If you have a less than perfect home, now is the time to sell.

    Buyers: Be courageous, buyers! The difference between writing 1, 5, or 10 offers directly is connected to being committed to the process.  This is not the time to put your toe in the water to get a feel for the market. It’s hot! Being prepared, and doing your due diligence, are expectations for success. Use a local lender, be approved (minus the requirements of the actual home and appraisal) and conduct pre-inspections where possible. When all is said and done, whether you get your offer accepted or live to tour another set of Sunday open houses, write your offer confidently and strategically. You are investing in the place you will call home for you and your family for a long time.


    How savvy are you when it comes to making life altering decisions like selling or buying a home? As your Realtor, I am your advocate, advisor and your liaison between all of the various parties in the process. You are the decision makers. Together, we can navigate what is sure to be an exciting season in East Bay real estate. Here’s to the success of our relationship, measured by accomplishing your real estate goals!

    John Wesley, a realtor at The Grubb Company, has over twelve years of real estate industry experience defined by exceptional professionalism and client service. He and his partner Gene Boomer, along with dogs Smokey and Coco, live in the East Bay.