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    Diary from AIDS Life/Cycle 2019












    AIDS/LifeCycle recently announced that it has raised $16,755,967 for lifesaving medical and social services for people living with HIV/AIDS or who are at risk of infection. The 545-mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles took place from June 2–8. Among the riders adding to that impressive fundraiser tally this year was Pamela Schmitz, a Financial Adviser at Brio, which has had a longstanding column in the San Francisco Bay Times. (See page 6 of the May 2 issue for the latest one.) Schmitz texted us from the road for several days, sharing her thoughts and sending photos on the fly.

    Sunday, June 2: Still seems surreal, but I’m really excited. I can’t believe it! At the Opening Ceremony, the feeling of love, nerves and excitement is palpable!

    Monday, June 3: There are glorious tail winds and, of course, the Otter Pop Stop (a pit stop at Mission Soledad with popsicles, dancing and shenanigans).

    Tuesday, June 4: I made it through 66 miles today!

    Wednesday, June 5: Quad buster through Bardley and into Paso Robles, where the temperature was 104 degrees. So far, I have spent 22 hours on my bike and ridden 246 miles. I stayed in a hotel—first time princessing on the ride—and now I get it: a real bed and a shower! Today, day 4, we tackle the evil twins to reach the half way point. We end in Santa Maria for a daily total of 91 miles.

    Thursday, June 6: 41 miles to Lompoc … and Red Dress Day! I am happy to get this far and am meting new friends and enjoying time with longtime friends. I am struggling with saddle sores and tender quadriceps.

    From then on, she devoted her time and energy to finishing the ride, and did so successfully. She is already looking forward to doing it again. As she told us: “I ride not only to raise money to find a cure for HIV/AIDS and to offer support for those living with the disease, but also because I love the LGBTQ community and am proud to stand with them.”

    To register for the 2020 AIDS/LifeCycle: