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    What to Expect at NCLR’s 41st Anniversary Celebration

    The Dinner that inspires. The Party that explodes.


    It’s called the LGBTQ Party of the Year for a reason. Suits. Gowns. Glitter. Style. Our trendsetters make their own rules.


    After 22 years, NCLR’s Kate Kendell has announced she will be stepping down from her role as executive director at the end of this year. She’ll be leaving NCLR’s office but never our hearts.

    Relive our movement’s greatest moments under her leadership—winning marriage equality in California and then nationwide, expanding LGBTQ families’ adoption and parental rights, igniting the Born Perfect Campaign’s movement to end conversion therapy, and fighting back against attacks on our immigrant community. Kate will leave an organization that is stronger, louder, and more determined than ever to rise up and defend the rights of all LGBTQ people—and she will be leaving a movement that has now been forever changed by her leadership.

    Thank her. Hug her. Introduce yourself to her for the first time or share your favorite memory with her. But whatever you do, don’t miss this important opportunity to celebrate this moment in time.


    Our movement is full of everyday heroes: ordinary people with extraordinary stories of how they stood up to discrimination, fought like hell for their families, crossed countries to find safety and security, and in some cases, challenged a president.

    You’ll meet Naval Academy Midshipman Regan Kibby, one of our brave plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Trump fighting the Trump-Pence transgender military ban. His father served in the Navy, and Kibby spent his early year in San Diego, where he was fascinated by the Navy and grew up wanting to serve. While in high school in North Carolina, Kibby spent years preparing for military service by participating in his school’s JROTC program. But after successfully completing two full years at the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy, President Trump tweeted his ban—and Kibby’s life changed in an instant.   

    Hear the stories and meet the people shaping the future of our movement. You’ll never feel prouder of our community.

    The Details

    Saturday, May 19
    5 pm: Welcome Dinner *Special dinner ticket required
    8:30 pm: Party
    The Palace of Fine Arts

    3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco

    *To buy a party ticket, go to