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    FITNESS SF Announces New Location at Twitter World Headquarters

     Michael Globis (right) with colleagues at FITNESS SF’s SOMA gym location.

    Michael Globis (right) with colleagues at FITNESS SF’s SOMA gym location.

    (Editor’s Note: The Bay Times joins FITNESS SF in welcoming their new marketing manager, Michael Globits. Here, Michael and his colleagues at the FITNESS SF SOMA location share some FAQ’s about a new location and more.)

    FITNESS SF will be opening a new location in Fall 2014 at One Tenth Street located in Market Square, the home of Twitter’s world headquarters. After recently celebrating its one-year anniversary with the purchase of the Fillmore location, FITNESS SF is proud to be the latest addition to San Francisco’s rapidly expanding Mid-Market neighborhood. FITNESS SF is a local, family-owned and operated fitness brand that is known for cutting edge, high-energy gyms.

    BT: When the name of the gym was changed from Gold’s to FITNESS SF, how was the new name selected?

    FSF: When choosing a new name, we had the opportunity to work with a clean slate to build our own brand and identity. We selected a name that would reflect our future as a family-based regional fitness facility and would allow us to broaden our appeal throughout the fitness community.

    BT: What can you tell us about the mission and purpose of FITNESS SF for the future, and how does the LGBT community of the Bay Area figure into those plans?

    FSF: Our goal is to always serve our members, employees, and shareholders by providing the best fitness facilities to people of all backgrounds and abilities. A large percentage of our members are from the LGBT community and we serve everyone in the communities we are apart of. Our members, employees and facilities mirror the communities we serve, and we don’t follow the “one size fits all” mentality. We look forward to supporting these communities and assisting in their growth and development in the future.

    BT: Do you have any new programs or events coming up that you would like for us to know about?

    FSF: It is hard to select any one program, since we are always improving our facilities and expanding our services, but we recently celebrated our One Year Anniversary as FITNESS SF with the purchase of our Fillmore location at 1455 Fillmore Street. One event that we always look forward to is being a major sponsor for the Academy of Friends Gala held each February.

    BT: Why was the building where Twitter is located chosen as your next location?

    FSF: For a project such as Market Square to be successful, many moving parts needed to fall into place. The vision of Shorenstein Properties gave light to an idea and the improvement of a community. Local government support in the form of the business tax incentive was instrumental in allowing the project to move forward. Additionally, the presence of numerous global companies, including Twitter, provided a solid foundation for development. Shorenstein Properties was searching for a strong, local fitness operator and we were honored to be selected above our national competitors to be a part of a new and exciting community in the heart of the city.

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