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    Interracial LGBTQ Holiday-Themed Children’s Book Receives Disturbing Backlash

    By Michele Karlsberg–

    True Colors Lab has released this year’s most anticipated children’s book, Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree, by Tobias Miles and illustrated by Milan Samadder. The backlash to this LGBTQ-themed sweet tale, however, has led to multiple challenges.

    When the publisher Claudio Ferri reached out to me in October, he was quite frazzled, to say the least. He was beside himself after he had placed advertisements for this title and received negative reactions not having anything to do with the quality of the book. Sadly, for example, he encountered a local librarian who accused him of adopting two Black children so that they could grow up to become his slaves. Needless to say, I found this very disturbing and I felt it was even more important to get the word out about the book and related series.

    The series’ history goes back to the summer of 2018 when, during a business trip to Venice, Italy, Mile was looking for a new idea for his next book. Destiny introduced him to a unique Italian family. Upon learning their incredible story, he was inspired to create something special featuring their adorable adopted son, Jayden. Soon after, True Colors Lab made plans for a series of funny stories about adoption, human rights, solidarity, and respect for diversity, as told by this smart child in unusual language. It was titled Jayden’s Funny Tales.

    In this loving tale, Jayden tells the story of love and inclusion and how he sees it from his own perspective. This spectacular children’s book that is beautifully illustrated stresses the most important lesson of acceptance.

    For True Colors Lab, Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree (Jayden’s Funny Tales) has been met with resistance beyond even what Ferri conveyed. Whether it is the constant bullying, harassment, or calling the publisher a pedophile, it has been terrifying and unacceptable. Books about LGBTQ issues are increasingly becoming the targets of challenges and bans around the world. True Colors Lab has vowed that, no matter what, they will continue to publish all of the planned books in the Jayden’s Funny Tales series, including this first one.

    The reactions are all the more concerning given the overall challenges facing youths, and particularly those who are LGBTQ. Every day, an estimated 5,700 children become orphans. In the United States, alone, 437,000 children are in foster care and over 10 million children around the world are in institutions. LGBTQ adoptions are not included in these numbers. Currently, only 17 percent of countries in the world allow adoption for same-sex couples. 

    Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree (Jayden’s Funny Tales) counters these dire statistics by highlighting touching moments, and a deep sense of humanity as readers experience Jayden’s first year with his two dads. In an effort to raise awareness about adoption throughout the world, editions are available in both Italian and Spanish. These editions will help reach countries where same-sex couples and single individuals who wish to adopt are discouraged or even denied. 

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    Tobias Mile, a lover of beauty, created “Jayden’s Funny Tales.” This is his first children’s book and it will soon be followed by “How to Survive This Spirited Sister!” and “Charcoalyn, the Coolest Princess.”

    Milan Samadder is an India-based illustrator. He earned his BFA in Visual Arts at Rabindra Bharati University in 2009, and obtained certification as a Professional Graphic Designer with the AAG (Academy of Arts and Gaming) in 2010. 

    Michele Karlsberg Marketing and Management specializes in publicity for the LGBTQ+ community. This year, Karlsberg celebrates 33 years of successful book campaigns. For more information:

    Published on December 17, 2020