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    Lunar New Year: Mayor’s Vision for the Coming Months

    Special to the Bay Times

    The Year of the Horse is a time for setting our sights on the future and committing to efforts that continue our progress together.

    We know the state of our great City is still vital and strong – as strong, financially and economically, as we have ever been in our history – and this same robust economic recovery and renewed confidence in our future provides us with the resources and resolve to move forward with an ‘affordability agenda’ as our priority for our residents.

    We remain focused on creating jobs, building housing, improving our transportation system, and making sure our youth have a world-class education. We will also continue to make important investments in the City’s social safety net, including HIV/AIDS prevention and health services.

    This year we also celebrate a milestone of that historic day 10 years ago that then-Mayor Gavin Newsom took a courageous stand against marriage discrimination, marrying thousands of loving same-sex couples in San Francisco City Hall and starting the fight for civil rights and marriage equality in our nation. Also this year, we will join Openhouse and Mercy Housing to break ground on LGBT senior housing at 55 Laguna Street.

    Above all, we will continue to ensure that San Francisco remains a place where people from every background can call home.

    Mayor Ed Lee

    10th Anniversary of the Winter of Love with Mayor Ed Lee and Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom

    Wednesday, February 12, 5:00pm-6:00pm, SF City Hall Rotunda