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    Paddle for Pride

    By Kait Bailey

    Picture yourself on the legendary Rogue River, where beautiful blue skies compliment the cold emerald water. The Rogue is one of eight original rivers indoctrinated into the Wild and Scenic Act of 1968. This unforgettable river will leave you rejuvenated.

    Raft companies on the Rogue River will provide all the gear that you might need for rafting, such as overnight and day dry bags, lifejackets, splash gear, and even an inflatable kayak for more excitement. An inflatable kayak or “duckie” is provided on this trip for those who may want to navigate their own craft through rapids. Most companies use 16-foot Sotar rafts down the river with “stern mounts,” where the guide is in the back asking for paddle strokes from the guests. There are more laid back options available that involve no paddling, just sightseeing and good company. If you are a photographer this is your ticket! Guests travel together in a pod, so you can enjoy casual splash fights, group swims, and great conversation.

    Your trip starts at Grave Creek put-in, where you will experience whitewater right away. Grave Creek rapids are rated class III and have big fun waves that will soak your stoke! The Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River is rated class II–IV, and is family friendly, while still gifting whitewater excitement. The Rogue offers breathtaking scenery, coniferous forests, waterfalls, and wild animals. The river’s rapids and deep canyons cut through old bedrock and earth’s ancient layers, leaving scene after breathtaking scene.

    We camp the first night on the beautiful Rogue River with wonderful sandy beaches and plenty to do. Upon arrival, you will see your tents set up and a tidy camp, thanks to your guides. All gear that you might need for camping—like tents, pads, sleeping bags, etc.—are provided. Your guides will provide a gourmet meal for you and will clean up afterward. Camp is your time to relax, hang out by the river, go for a hike, read a book, or just simply take in all of the beauty and clean air. In the morning, your guides will make breakfast, clean up, pack, and rig for the day of rafting. Each day your guides will cater a riverside lunch, which varies from day to day and always supplies local food.

    The second day offers unmatched beauty providing not only exciting whitewater, but also the most dramatic scenes, including Mule Creek Canyon, a high-walled narrow slot canyon unlike any other river experience in Southern Oregon. The famous Blossom Bar upholds its name while your guide masterfully navigates their way through her rocky bones. This is a rapid that you will never forget.

    Your last night on the trip is Paradise Lodge, where you will find all of the comforts of home away from home. Forget the bustle of civilization and come enjoy some quite time at Paradise Lodge, while still enjoying great amenities like gourmet dining, personal rooms with showers and comfortable beds, a full bar, and an amazing deck with acres of property. The lodge and their staff are friendly and interesting people to chat with as well. The lodge has a volleyball court, horseshoe pit, Frisbee disc golf course, and hiking opportunities. The only access to this lodge is either by helicopter, raft, jet boat, or hiking in! This is the most remote lodge in the canyon, given that there is no road to access it. The Rogue River will instead serve as the highway to get there.

    On the last day, the guides gear up the boats and raft to the take-out. The shuttle is provided on all of our trips either with a Morrisons van, or we can shuttle your personal vehicle to the take-out so you can then drive to the coast and continue your vacation. We provide storage for your vehicle while you are away on the trip as well.

    Our Wild and Scenic Rogue River trip allows for a detox from all digital devices and social media, providing for a relaxing, yet manageable, active adventure vacation. This is a wonderful trip that we offer, and great for those who have to work for the weekend.

    Don’t forget to book your Paddle for Pride Trip on July 7 for our 3 Day Camp Lodge Raft Trip. Let Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures & Lodge take care of all your vacation needs. Come adventure with us on the Rogue River and explore her wonderful beauty. We offer many amazing trips like this one, which allows people to reconnect with the outdoors.

    Come rediscover your soul! Please call 1-800-336-1647 for more information or questions, or find us online at

    Kait Bailey is a professional raft guide and spokesperson for Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures.