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    Passion and Perseverance

    By Dr. Marcy Adelman–

    Every day as we get closer to the November 6th mid-term elections our fears, anger and resolve intensify. The daily news is a nightmare of violence and attempted violence: Jews are murdered in a synagogue in Pittsburgh by a man shouting, “All Jews must die”; bombs are mailed to CNN and the Democratic party leadership in a failed assassination attempt; and a new national policy is announced that would strip legal protection for Transgender people by denying their very existence.

    We know what is at stake! Our democracy, our freedom and our very lives are at risk. This political crisis is a fight for the heart and soul of our country. It will require both passion and perseverance if we are to overcome and resolve it. Win or lose in the mid-term elections, we will have to continue to fight against racism, transphobia and anti-Semitism, and continue to defend the lives of immigrant families and their children, as well as the survival of Mother Earth herself.

    This fight we are in, to take back and renew our country, will not be won in a single day. This fight we are in is not a sprint, but a marathon.

    Pace and brace yourself accordingly. Stay safe and continue to stay engaged. See you on the other side of the elections.

    Dr. Marcy Adelman oversees the Aging in Community column. She is a psychologist and LGBTQI longevity advocate and policy advisor. She serves on the California Commission on Aging, the Board of the Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California and Northern Nevada and the San Francisco Dignity Fund Oversight and Advisory Committee.