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    Pride Set to Music

    Photo By Christopher Turner

    By Dr. Tim Seelig

    Have you ever played that little mental game, “If my life were made into a movie, who would play me?” If you said “no,” you obviously have a loose relationship with the truth! Have you ever listened to a song and thought, “OMG, that’s my life they’re singing about”? We’ve all done that. There are songs that accompanied our childhood, our youth, our girlfriends and boyfriends—all of the milestones. Certainly, for the gays, one of the most important days in our lives (or months, or years for some) is coming out. Do you think there any songs that fit that occasion or just being gay? Wait for it!

    Pretty much everything we do is based on a list of some kind these days. Lists and more lists. Top Ten of Anything and Everything. Of course, there is a list of all-time favorite gay songs. Who knew? But who really wants to read a boring list? I must say that going through the list, however, brought on huge waves of nostalgia. So, I present:

    My Life in Song: Pride, 2017

    June is LGBTQA+ Pride Month. As we pause to ponder what that means to our community, we often think about our own journey. If there is anyone on the planet who does not already know the following news flash, I’m Coming Out.  I know that some may think that I am gay just because it is in Vogue. Puhleese. This is not a fad, a “sexual preference” or a “lifestyle choice.” No, sir. I Was Born This Way.

    Even though times have sometimes been tough, my family doesn’t understand and many have disowned me, I Will Survive. All of the people in my life—on both sides and for better or worse—have shown their True Colors in expressing their opinions. But most see my life as Beautiful and love me for who I am.

    Ever since coming out, I have had a Constant Craving for “All things Gay!” I sometimes just call my friends up and say, “Let’s Have a Kiki.” They think that is a little strange, not knowing exactly what that is, but I just say, “Whatever, just Don’t Leave Me This Way.” That’s something I have said on many tragic nights in the Castro.

    This weekend, as I gather with about a million logical family members I can truthfully say, “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real.” I know I just need to Relax and, after the parade and festival, meet my friends in the Castro, somewhere Over the Rainbow flag. The world can Take Me or Leave Me and I’ll Just Keep on Livin’.

    If I Could Turn Back Time, I’d tell all the people in my life to Raise Your Glass because, damn it, I’m finally going to chase my dream of being a Supermodel down at the YMCA. That’s what I call Freedom. I am Brave and they should show A Little Respect for my life goals!

    Even though I live in one of, if not the, gayest cities in the world, surrounded by fabulosity, I’m really just a Smalltown Boy. To all of you out there, I say, “Take Me I’m Yours” and I’ll Raise You Up. We may be a little Wild and sometimes people think I’m just a Rebel Girl. But, as I think back to The Origin of Love and think of All the Lovers I have had, I come to the conclusion, when all is said and done, that, simply said, We Are Family.

    I would love for you to Come to My Window sometime. You’ll definitely be a Firework among the People Like Us. The reality is, what you would see would be a big old Dancing Queen lip synching for his life in front of the mirror using a hair brush for a microphone—radio blaring, of course. It’s about the Same Love we all share: music. Loud music. Suddenly, the radio pauses for the weather report. It’s the same every Pride: sunny, warm, brilliant blue skies and, of course, It’s Raining Men.

    That is the story. Now, go back and grade yourself. How many of the 35 songs listed above did you pause to sing as you read the title? If less than 20, please turn in your Gay Card at the nearest Post Office and enroll immediately with that cute instructor who teaches Homosexualization 101. If you got all 35, your gay card is platinum, it is in no danger of being revoked, and auditions for SFGMC are in August!

    You may have a song or two that did not make the list. Please feel free to add it. If you’re wondering who in the world made the list, it was Billboard. Not sure how they crowd-sourced the answers, but they are pretty spot on!

    This story comes to us thanks to our one name goddesses: Cher, Madonna, Sylvester, Cyndi, Melissa, Katy, Queen, Diana, Judy, Christina, and Pink. There are some who need more than one name or letter: Lady Gaga, k.d., RuPaul, George Michael, Sara Bareilles. And, finally, the shows and groups: Kinky Boots, Hedwig, Scissor Sisters, Indigo Girls, ABBA, The Weather Girls, Village People. And so many more!

    Enjoy Pride. Sing from start to finish, and write your own song along the way!

    LIVE like there is no tomorrow.

    SING as if no one can hear.

    LOVE like you have never been hurt.

    DANCE as if no one is watching.

    LAUGH like no one is listening.

    Dr. Tim Seelig is the Artistic Director of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.