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    Remembering Cookie Dough (Nov. 8, 1963–Jan. 29, 2015)

    cookiedoughBeloved entertainer Cookie Dough (Eddie Bell) passed away on January 29 in San Francisco with her husband Michael Chu by her side.

    According to fellow performer and San Francisco Bay Times contributor Pollo Del Mar, Cookie became ill in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, during a two-week tour of the drag satire of the hit television show “The Golden Girls.” At first it was thought that Cookie had food poisoning, but she developed a brain edema (swelling) and went into a coma. A GoFundMe campaign was established to help pay for medical costs and to bring Cookie back to the Bay Area. Cookie was transferred to Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, where she was diagnosed with meningitis, but could not be revived.

    Cookie Dough’s career included hosting the long-running “The Monster Show” at the Edge in the Castro, performing in the drag show “Fall Follies,” a memorable appearance in the 2005 documentary “Blood, Sweat & Glitter,” and many other performances. “The Golden Girls Live” has run for nine years in San Francisco.

    Hundreds of tributes continue to pour in. Here are just a few:

    Pollo Del Mar: “It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of one of my dearest friends, the person to whom I owe my drag career, Cookie Dough. Thank you again for all you, as a community, have done to support us in this gravest of times. It is a testament to the lasting impact Cookie had that thousands & thousands rallied to her aid when she needed it most.”

    Donna Sachet: “Cookie Dough, you leave your mark on San Francisco and the LGBT Community. The many kindnesses you showed to others endeared you to us all and your love of fun should be a lesson to everyone. Our thoughts are with your husband, your family, and your huge extended circle. You had so much more to give…”

    From Cookie’s husband Michael: “Thank you for allowing us to live out our dreams. I’m so saddened, because you had so many more dreams to live…You were a spiritual being having a human experience. Thank you for landing in my path and allowing me to enjoy your presence for 14 years. You will forever be in my heart. I love you hon.”

    A public memorial service is being planned, and a memorial was created at 18th and Castro, where mourners have placed candles, remembrances and many beautiful bouquets. The GoFundMe campaign continues, with the funds now going to the remaining medical costs, the funeral, and to support Michael. As of this writing, well over $55,000 has been raised. To contribute and to learn more about Cookie, please visit