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    Round About – All Over Town

    Photos by Rink

    Rink has been out and about with his camera capturing images from the Castro, Nob Hill, Japantown, and other parts of the city. Some of the selected photos from his collection during the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020 include German chocolates at Rossi’s Deli and beautiful cherry blossoms on display in Japantown despite the Cherry Blossom Festival cancellation. Among the signs and posters on storefronts and windows are those from Harvey’s, Dog Eared Books Castro, Fable restaurant on Castro Street, and Walgreens at 18th and Castro. Also included are photos from Bus Stop Pizza in the Upper Haight neighborhood, Bread & Butter Market and Deli in Lower Polk, Victor’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant on Polk Street, Nob Hill Hardware on California Street, and customers waiting for take-out in front of Swan Oyster Depot on Polk Street. Published on April 23, 2020.