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    SF Pride Ushers in a Year of Hope

    By Carolyn Wysinger–

    This year marks the 50th Anniversary of San Francisco Pride, and we are so excited to invite the world to our party! In 2020, we wrap up our three-year theme with “Generations of Hope.”

    Hope usually denotes a look into the future. Celebrating Generations of Hope, however, takes on a different meaning.

    We look back at the resiliency of a generation that was given hope by Supervisor Harvey Milk and inspired to take action. We remember the hope and engagement of a community that stood up to support each other in the wake of the HIV/AIDS crisis. We celebrate those who stood strong in the fight for marriage equality and firmly against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We stand in solidarity with our community as it grapples with violence against our trans community and fights for economic justice within our community.

    As the President of San Francisco Pride, I feel hopeful knowing that we are a community that has survived and thrived for over 50 years! I am given hope by the knowledge that we now have our first generation of Out Seniors to gain wisdom and strength from as we continue to fight.

    I am given hope by the engagement of our Youth, who are now empowered to proudly be their authentic selves in ways that many before them were. I’m proud that SF Pride continues to draw people from all over the world who know that they can be themselves.

    As a Black Queer Woman, I am hopeful concerning the power of our community to uplift the voices of Queer and Trans People of Color and I am confident that we have the capacity to continue carrying out our mission to “educate the world, commemorate our heritage, celebrate our culture and liberate our people.”

    What gives you hope?

    Carolyn Wysinger is the President of the San Francisco Pride Board of Directors.

    Published on January 16, 2020