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    Sister Dana sez, “We now sadly know that 53 people died in mass shootings in August alone.”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “We now sadly know that 53 people died in mass shootings in August alone. Hey, Repugnican Congress folks, isn’t it about time for sensible gun control?!”

    I was delighted to witness a stage reading of PORN YESTERDAY—loosely based on the hit 1950 romance/drama movie and earlier play, Born Yesterday—at Spark Arts on September 3. The original play by Andrew Black and Patricia Milton was written years ago, but was discovered and directed by Alan Quismorio as a hilarious parody, replacing the brassy blonde moll and her sugar daddy with a gay porn star, Rex (Nick Trengove) and his older lover, producer (Joe Tally). Rex is being coached (Jason Wayne Wong) into a serious role as the gay lover in Shakespeare‘s Edward II. So clever! I anticipate when this gets mounted into an actual play someday soon!

    Sister Dana sez, “You’d think a BLOWHARD WINDBAG like Trump would recall the three previous category 5 hurricanes before Dorian during his presidency. This BLOWS my mind! Also, zero words of condolence from Donnyboy to the Bahamas and the catastrophic loss of lives there. He has no heart; just a black Sharpie.”

    I visited three of my favorite venues on September 5 for first Thursdays’ CASTRO ART WALK. First was ART ATTACK, 2358 Market, presenting SF-based artist David Puck for a SPOTLIGHT SHOWCASE. Puck is a young independent traditional figurative painter, primarily working in his own special technique of spray paint and acrylic/oil, both in studio and as public murals. What is most impressive is his portrayal of electrifying eyes and luscious lips. His unique work looks at depiction of the queer and fringe—playing with the relationship between abstraction and realism. He has 24 pieces, but among my faves are #45 “Fine” and #58 “Self Portrait.” These two are special because David told me they relate to his dealing with mental health in himself and in the queer community. Two of his subjects are drag winners from RuPaul’s Drag Race: #54 “Alaska” and #60 “Trixie” Mattell. This is a sensational exhibition!

    My second venue is DOG EARED BOOKS, 489 Castro Street. And speaking of ears, AURICULAR BEINGS by Dina Marshalek has ink on paper portrayals of characters displaying particularly large ears. One is just a giant ear sitting cross-legged on a bench. “The Angel” has an ear that is more than a third of his face. All of these pieces are ear-popping!

    The third venue is SPARK ARTS, 4229 18th and Collingwood Streets, with SEPTEMBER SHOW and four featured artists. Sylvia Kanoff is a painter, author and song writer, but most importantly, the very proud Mama of Spark Arts Owner, Aviva KanoffDeena Marlo finds inspiration in the quirks of her imagination, the wilds of her dreams, the humility of nature and women, and the human race’s tremendous potential for growth—including some very weird but lovable monsters. Andre Brott depicts the Ermine Princess from a folktale in progress that she is writing and illustrating. The Princess’ mentor is a bee, who instructs her in the lore of flowers and medicinal plants, and helps her to create potions. Jenny Feinberg and her modern art oils are exhibited for the second month. Do check out these marvelous galleries with their artists on display all month!

    Sister Dana sez, “The U.S. Senate has returned from their summer break, and they must be exhausted with Repugnicans passing nothing—but [Beyotch] Mitch McConnell seems to think he’s on a permanent vacation. He’s blocked over 100 bills from seeing a vote on the Senate floor, including the Equality Act! We desperately need to take over the useless RepubliCan’t Senate!

    During the month of September, STRUT at 470 Castro Street is exhibiting “GREETINGS FROM DADVILLE,” a collection of the original comic book art and illustrations on 9×12″ Bristol board by Justin Hall. On September 6, he held a reception. His art is in three sections. Section one is from his graphic novel-in-progress, Castle and Creek, revolving around the SF Armory building and Mission Creek and a weird Wonder Woman character. The second section is from the series, Greetings from Dadville, recalling finding Dad’s hidden girlie mags and being compelled to peek. The third section is from his Full Moon, a campy anthology of queer monsters hosted by famed Midnight Movie Horror Queen Peaches Christ. That night we were treated to a live reading by Hall in front of a projector screen. Go check out these fascinating comic book series!

    Sister Dana sez, “Don’t most libs agree with me that President Obama should be nominated to the Supreme Court? No, not during this Obama-bashing ASSministration, but during the year 2020 when the world has returned to normalcy. Aw c’mon, I can dream, can’t I?!

    SAN FRANCISCO AIDS FOUNDATION honored leaders in the fight to end AIDS at TRIBUTE CELEBRATION, its gala event on September 7 at City View Metreon. This year’s honorees included Sister Roma, community leader and activist, given the Cleve Jones Leadership Award; Fernando Castillo, founder of SFAF’s EL GRUPO DE APOYO LATINO, receiving the Community Excellence Award; and Walgreens given the Corporate Pillar Award for its commitment to increasing access to and destigmatizing HIV testing. SFAF CEO Joe Hollendoner also unveiled the organization’s new strategic plan, which includes a new vision and a new mission statement for the 37-year-old community organization. Event Co-chairs Megan Minkiewicz and James Pincow welcomed us. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, celebrating our 40th anniversary, graced the event with a blessing. Activist and SFAF co-founder Cleve Jones presented the Cleve Jones Leadership Award. Distinguished elected officials included California State Senator Scott Wiener, District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney, and San Francisco Treasurer José Cisneros, who introduced San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who lauded the many accomplishments of SFAF and proudly noted that the number of new HIV positives has dramatically reduced on the way towards zero—the goal for both San Francisco and Oakland. An additional treat was one of my fave DQs Katya Smirnoff-Skyy singing live her popera (pop plus opera) medley renditions of “Over the Rainbow,” “I Will Survive,” “YMCA” (with us happily making the appropriate hand gestures), “It’s Raining Men,” Madonna‘s “Material Girl,” “I’m Every Woman,” Cher‘s “Believe,” and closing with all of us singing along and heartily agreeing “We Are the Champions” by Queen. It’s as if she sang the International Queer Song Book! Fabulous!

    Sister Dana sez, “Three National Security Advisers have now left the Trump administration. I don’t feel very secure, do you?”   

    Some of us Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence celebrated and/or roasted SISTER ROSE MARY CHICKEN in a fundraiser for ST. JAMES INFIRMARY lovingly entitled TASTES LIKE CHICKEN at Moby Dick bar on September 12 with a farewell … for now! She is escaping to Germany to find her roots, but will ultimately hopefully return one day to Gay by the Bay where she belongs, dammit! The glorious night was emceed by Kit Tapata, Queen Dilly Dally, Dusty Pörn, and others. The entertainment was incredible. Kit Tapata did a funny, but somehow also sad, goodbye in a chicken suit with “Hopelessly Devoted to You” from Grease. Puppet Master Rich acted out his chicken puppet having the nerve to “eat” fried chicken from a KFC bucket. That’s chicken homicide. He also did a duet with Queen Dilly Dally. Sister Tilda Next Time came out in royal robes and then disrobed in a sexy scary strip. Dusty Pörn did “A House Is Not a Home.” Elsa Touche did a riveting monologue. Sister Bella Donna Summer was true to her name, lip-synching Donna Summer‘s “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” which perfectly described our feelings about Sister Chicken leaving us. Sister Mary Media did “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack while tossing out photo after photo after quite revealing photos of Sister Chicken to the adoring audience. All this with DJ Jimmy M Strano providing sound. It must be mentioned that in between roasting the chicken we also did the chicken dance and wore occasional masks of the Sister of the Hour (I purposely wore mine upside down). The evening closed so apropos with many of us nuns and fans on stage to sing “Thank You for Being a Friend” from TV’s Golden Girls. All I can say is: you bettah come back, Sister Chicken! You will be mightily missed.  

    Sister Dana sez, “There are so many wonderful events coming up. Check out the ‘San Francisco Bay Times” calendar!”