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    Sister Dana sez,”The PresiDense had said he wanted the U.S. ‘opened up’ and ‘raring to go by Easter,’ defying the warnings of many many health experts.”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “The PresiDense had said he wanted the U.S. ‘opened up’ and ‘raring to go by Easter,’ defying the warnings of many many health experts. Sorry, but the Easter Bunny will be safe in his burrow sheltering in place!”

    The Public Health Order for Bay Area people to shelter-in-place safely in their homes is extended past May 1 (May 3). Damn! May Day has quite a different meaning now.

    Here’s some great April 15 news: the Federal Government has pushed back the tax deadline by ninety days. So that’s one le$$ financial headache.

    A message from CASTRO MERCHANTS President Masood Samereie, whom I had the pleasure to meet the other day: We understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for so many of our beloved businesses. We want to let you know that we are working hard behind the scenes to figure out how we can best assist. Please feel free to email your comments and suggestions to us at

    Let’s thank Senators Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Lena Gonzalez (D-Long Beach) for introducing SB 939, placing a moratorium on commercial evictions, including small businesses and nonprofits, for the duration of the COVID-19 health emergency.

    Sister Dana sez, “This entertainment reviewer really misses sitting in the dark with you. But all entertainment has been closed down, so that’s the sitch for now. So, I’ll just keep jammin’ in my jammies at home!”

    For a delightful experience, you need to see this lovable hamster following the rules regarding safety during these awful c-virus times:

    Sister Dana sez, “Coronavirus deniers have vowed to continue their daily activities, convinced that the reaction to COVID-19 is merely a plot by the media and liberals out to get President Trump. Oh, if only we COULD get Trump out!”

    “We will continue to answer the community’s questions about how the City’s order impacts their lives and will address how the state’s order works with ours,” said Mayor London Breed at a recent press conference. “We will continue to work with our sister Bay Area counties to handle this emergency, and we look forward to coordinating with the Governor and state health authorities as we all work together to get through this crisis.” God bless our Mayor!

    Sister Dana sez, “As my dear friend keeps reminding me: ‘We’re all in this together’ is a far better philosophy than ‘You’re on your own.'”

    The FDA currently prohibits gay and bisexual men from donating blood if they’ve had sex in the past three months. Senator Scott Wiener stated, “As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting stay-at-home orders and social distancing rules, our blood banks are experiencing a severe blood shortage and desperately need blood donations. This blood shortage threatens lives. Yet, despite this emergency need, the FDA continues to take a non-science-based approach by irrationally excluding sexually active gay and bisexual men from donating.” So, on April 7, Senator Wiener held a special blood drive for gay men, #GiveForAGay Blood Drive, with the AMERICAN RED CROSS at the Zellerbach Rehearsal Hall in Civic Center. Mayor Breed and Supervisor Catherine Stefani both donated blood.

    Hey, you lovers of the bud, the ANNUAL 4/20 event in Golden Gate Park is cancelled because of COVID-19. There will be nationwide virtual celebrations, online concerts, and giveaways, though.

    This act by Republicans against Trump speaks for itself. Check out

    Then there’s this by Joe Biden about Trump and COVID 19:

    I am so thrilled that “THE UNITY LIGHT IN THE NIGHT” campaign is encouraging this communal act to let your neighbors know that we are in this together. Join them nightly at 7 pm and put a “Unity Light” (not a candle) in your front window and send a message of hope and unity to our community. I expect this campaign to last for the duration of the pandemic.

    As the pandemic continues, young people are disproportionately being impacted by the disruption of everyday life. For instance, LGBTQ students are leaving college dorms and returning to unsafe homes, and youth living with HIV are unable to access PrEP from doctors.

    Singer Top 12 at American IdolDavid Anthony Hernandez, has a gorgeous in-home online hour concert. Especially moving and timely are his renditions of “Stand by Me” and “Dancing Alone.” It’s “Yummy,” as he and Justin Bieber would sing.

    Sister Dana sez, “Hey, Trump, quit being a racist and stop calling it the Chinese virus. It has a name. Just like you have a name: Idiotic Racist!”

    Ilana Minkoff, a realtor in San Francisco’s Cole Valley, has begun a Facebook group called “QUARANTINE SING-ALONG,” which now has thousands of members from several continents. Song of the day is posted daily at 3 pm (along with lyrics), and sing-along begins at 6:59 pm. I really enjoyed singing “I Will Survive.”                   

    From the West End of London to your laptops comes “LEAVE A LIGHT ON, an online series where folks can see musical pros performing in streamed shows. To watch for free, check out:

    For a good cleansing cry, Ben Platt and the ‘DEAR EVAN HANSEN’ cast perform “You Will Be Found” during quarantine:

    For virtually everything online for arts, culture, virtual tours, etc. check out ChatterPack:

    Nightlife is central to the Bay Area’s queer culture. Those whose primary source of income is in nightlife are currently experiencing economic insecurity. So, the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA QUEER NIGHTLIFE FUND (QNF) provides financial relief to workers in the nightlife industry for as long as the current crisis continues. You can help:

    What the world needs now is LOVE, sweet love. Enjoy this gorgeous virtual orchestra and choir:

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on TV has recommended “very dark chocolate” for these very dark times.

    Sister Dana sez, “April 22 is Earth Day. So, love your Mother Earth—but please do so indoors!”

    Baby Stewie and Brian the dog have a hysterical “Quarantine Podcast” interviewing other kooky characters from the TV cartoon, FAMILY GUY here:

    John Oliver from TV’s Last Week Tonight gave us some sound advice with our frustration regarding this whole situation of having to isolate ourselves and missing out on events and maybe getting ill: set a timer for 30 seconds of nonstop screaming at the screen, waving fists, and generally cursing out loud! You would be surprised at how therapeutic that can be!

    Proudly gay POSE co-creator Ryan Murphy has donated medical props from the FX show, which were used in scenes related to the AIDS epidemic, to Mount Sinai Hospital for use in the COVID-19 response.

    So sad that Terrence McNally, a five-time Tony Award recipient whose plays often featured explorations of contemporary gay life and a reverence for classical music, has died.  He was 81. The playwright, who just last year received the Tony Awards’ Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre Honor, faced complications due to coronavirus; he was a lung cancer survivor and lived with COPD. RIP the great Mr. McNally.

    THE SAN FRANCISCO LESBIAN/GAY FREEDOM BAND is now on hiatus through April 30. Meanwhile:

    Sister Dana sez, “Out former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has grown a beard after dropping out of the race, and he is drop-dead gorgeous!”

    The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence present HUNKY JESUS & FOXY MARY LIVE, an online contest with deadline for submission extended to Good Friday, April 10.

    Who doesn’t love famed Broadway musical writer Andrew Lloyd Webber with a new YouTube channel dedicated to stage-to-screen musicals, “THE SHOWS MUST GO ON,” airing a different show every Friday—but just for 48 hours each. April 10, Good Friday, it’s appropriately Jesus Christ Superstar.

    KREWE DE KINQUE, my Mardi Gras themed fundraising social club, has proudly announced that proceeds from our KdK BAL MASQUE XVII and the year reign of Queen XVI Kelly Rose & King XVI Aja Monet-Ashton raised awareness and $12,200 for COMPTON’S TRANSGENDER CULTURAL DISTRICT. With the help of fellow club members, the royal duo also raised $1,425 for RUSSIAN RIVER ALLIANCE (flood relief) and $600 for the TRANSGENDER LAW CENTER in 2019.

    The Trump administration’s Bible study teacher says coronavirus may be God’s punishment for LGBTQ people. In a study guide posted to his blog, Ralph Drollinger lays out the case that the U.S. is being punished by God for homosexuality, environmentalism, and other causes conservatives generally despise.

    Sister Dana sez, “Well, at least we’re included with a lot of really cool people!”

    Originally set to take place June 18–28, the world’s longest–running, largest, and most widely recognized LGBTQ+ film festival, FRAMELINE 44, is now scheduled to take place in Fall 2020, with expanded festival offerings throughout the year.

    MAGIC THEATRE announces a new Monday-through-Friday daily podcast series, “FAR APART ART,” through April. The series is composed of brief, daily audio journals from a host of Magic’s family of playwrights.

    Sister Dana sez, “Trump spoke on the phone with evangelical leaders hosted by an anti-LGBTQ hate group. But instead of focusing on calming their flocks during a global pandemic, Mr. Ego urged pastors to focus on his re-election. Holy crap! Yep, he’s got his priorities quite evident.”

    Published on April 9, 2020