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    Sister Dana sez, “The Trump shutdown enters the history books as the longest government shutdown ever, and Trump threatens to declare a national emergency. Where is Trump’s heart? Oh, I forgot. He wasn’t born with a heart.”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “The Trump shutdown enters the history books as the longest government shutdown ever, and Trump threatens to declare a national emergency. Where is Trump’s heart? Oh, I forgot. He wasn’t born with a heart.”

    The CENTER FOR SEX & CULTURE is sadly closing its Mission Street doors on January 31. This unique cultural center has been providing amazing resources about sex and gender for a decade and a half to the SF Bay Area and beyond. It was therefore an honor for Jack Davis to mount the very last visual art show in this space, FAGGOTS. On January 11, CSF Executive Director Carol Queen held a reception for Davis, whose art centers around the taking back power over the ancient anti-gay slur, “faggot,” for a bundle of sticks to light on fire and kill gay men. My faves are “Labyrinth,” “Pink Triangle Faggots,” “Flying Faggots,” “Pansy (another gay slur) Faggots” (made of pansies), and “Camo Faggots” for the military-minded. But the best is “Kiss Faggots,” a sign that originally said, “Kill Faggots,” but was sequined over to read “KISS,” and we were invited to apply one of the lipsticks and put a big smacker all over the art. The CSC official goodbye party will be on January 25, the last day of “FAGGOTS,” at 1349 Mission Street.

    Studies show PrEP on-demand (also known as PrEP 211) allows greater flexibility of dosing when taken correctly—and works as well as PrEP taken daily for people.

    In the coming weeks, Governor Gavin Newsom will be naming a new state AIDS czar, who will face calls from AIDS activists around the state to implement a statewide GETTING TO ZERO strategy.  

    Imperial Crown Prince William Del Toroy Flor and Imperial Crown Princess K of the White Rose, in conjunction with Emperor Leandro Gonzales and Empress Pollo Del Mar and the Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc. presented THE IMPERIAL BEAUX ARTS WINTER BALL 2019 at The Folsom Street Foundry in SOMA on January 13 on its 54th anniversary. This was the event of the century! Esteemed MCs for the evening were Absolute Empress L Khmera Rouge, Emperor XLIII A. N. Kevin Lisle, Mr. S.F. Leather 2010 Sir Lance Holman, and reigning Empress Pollo.

    DeeJay duties were by the always energizing DJ Joe Prince Wolfe. Glamour photos were courtesy of Gooch. Beneficiaries of the fabulous fundraiser were TRANS LIFELINE and AGUILAS/EL AMBIENTE. To list just a few of the talent, there were current reigning Grand Duchess of San Francisco MGM Grande; Sadie Payne; Kylie Minono; Miss Jordan L’Moore; current reigning Mister Gay San Francisco, Khalil Riley; Miss Golden Gate 2018, Miss Scarlett Menzie; Grand Duke 44 and Grand Duchess 45, of the Court of the Sacred Golden Beavers, Miss Shugana and MADD DOGG 20/20; Mister SF Leather Matt Welch.

    But wait! There’s more: Imperial Court’s Czarina de Camp Miss Gladys Bumps; last reign’s Imperial Crowned Prince and Princess Terrill Grimes and Cameron Stiehl; Emperor John Weber; Imperial Crowned Princess grand mama Ehra Amaya; and Queens of the Krewe de Kinque, LadyCuki Couture Queen XIV and current reigning Miss Chief. Emperor XIV AN and Imperial King Father of San Francisco Matthew Brown gave an impressive slide show of the past 25 years of the Imperial Court System. Sorry if I left anyone out, but my fingers are numb from typing!   

    Thomasina De Maio of ART SAVES LIVES and Dave Christensen, Executive Director of the HARVEY MILK PHOTO CENTER presented the JANUARY PHOTOGRAPHY & ART EXHIBIT reception at the Photo Center on January 18. The art consists of many mediums: photo, painting, ceramic, and hand-painted furniture by over 40 artists. These will be on display the whole month long, through February 7. Here are some of my faves. Starting on the right is an eye-catching seven-foot high oil on unprimed board with fabric and acrylic beads, “My Friend Floozy,” which is Sister Flora Goodthyme captured exquisitely by Deidre De Franceaux. There are some lovely oil on linen nature pieces by Ed Terpening. Co-curator De Maio has displayed her stunning large oil of branches over a river. Stand back to really appreciate its beauty! Clever ceramic sculptures are displayed by Jack Stelnicki.

    Especially whimsical are the three mixed media (bits and scraps, buttons, dominos, and a harmonica—all painted black) of a big poodle and the crowns and eyeballs of both Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles by Gregory Conover. One of my favorite artists, Walker Dukes, has portrayed two of my favorite drag queens, Mrs. Vera and Pristine ConditionAlexander Nowik has a delightful duo of white trucks. A heartwarming oil on canvas, “The Tin Man,” by Diego Gomez has the Oz character receiving his heart, which brings tears to his eyes and possibly rusts his armor. Look way down in the left corner in tiny print for the phrase: “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.” At the reception, the live entertainment included a special performance of two energetic, animated violinists, Tribal Baroque, who sang very high notes to very low ones, danced with bells on their ankles, stomped, chanted and growled in original pieces to put us all in a mesmerizing trance.               

    An estimated 60,000 demonstrators participated in the WOMEN’S MARCH SAN FRANCISCO 2019 on January 19 in the Civic Center to rally, and then marched to Embarcadero Plaza. This year’s theme was #TruthToPower and celebrating the #WomensWave. The march’s Unity Principles included reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, environmental justice and ending violence. Emcee Mona Shaikh introduced 17 women speakers, including SF Mayor London Breed. Placards spotted: “Rise Above!” “Impeach the Traitor” and “Shut Down the Clown!”

    Senator Scott Wiener has now been honored to serve as Chair of the LGBT CAUCUS, and thanks to Assemblymember Evan Low for “his extraordinary leadership of the LGBT Caucus for the past two years. Under Evan’s leadership, the Caucus has made huge strides,” Wiener stated.

    GET A CLUE was the title of KREWE DE KINQUE‘s murder mystery fundraiser at the Edge on January 19 at 4 pm. Loosely based on the popular board game and movie Clue, there were six “suspects” under interrogation in the untimely demise of the house go-go boy (no actual go-go boys were harmed during this event!). The suspects: Professor Plum (played by Mr. Bill); Ms. Green (Deana Dawn); Mz White (BeBe Sweetbriar); Colonel Mustard (Kit Tapata); Miss Peacock (Olivia Hart); and Miss Scarlett (Roxy Cotten Candy) performed and also were asked a series of questions by Inspector Colby Michaels to ascertain their guilt or innocence. Patrons purchased a special raffle ticket and made their choice as to who was the guilty suspect! Inspector Sister Dana, a dirty cop, was at the door, shaking down people for donations. The culprit was found to be Ms. Green with the murder weapon, her stilettos!

    Prior to the “Clue” event, we members of KREWE DE KINQUE had kicked off Mardi Gras season 2019 with our Annual TWELFTH NIGHT PARTY at the Palace of Queen XI Lil Kim Chee. There we learned the secret of who would be the next KdK King & Queen (which will only be revealed at our Mardi Gras masked ball).  

    Sister D’s Poetry: PG&E, we hardly knew ye; bankruptcy? Means higher fees! We cry, “aieee!”  

    Sister Dana sez, “Horrifically, this shutdown has made history as the longest ever. Meanwhile, don’t let the shutdown make you a shut-in. Get outta the house and get into these wonderful events!”

    THE SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN’S CHORUS presents PARADISE BENEFIT CONCERT with Bobby Jo Valentine and also featuring SFGMC’s two ensembles, The Lollipop Guild and Homophonics. 100% of the proceeds go to the Campfire Relief Fund and the music programs of Paradise High School. It’s on Sunday, January 27, 5 pm at 170 Valencia Street, the Chorus’ new home, which is a four-floor historic property.

    FOX TV announces the upcoming live musical production of the Tony award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical “RENT,” airing Sunday, January 27. This will be a re-imagining of Puccini‘s La Bohème but set in New York City’s gritty East Village. It tells the unforgettable story of seven artists struggling to follow their dreams during a time of great social and political turmoil. We can certainly relate to THAT!

    THE RICHMOND/ERMET AID FOUNDATION (REAF) presents CABARET CIRQUE – A Sexy Circus Cabaret on Monday, January 28, 7:30 pm at The Great Northern Nightclub, 119 Utah Street at 15th Street. Must be 21 or over. Tix and info at

    Legendary punk rock, trans pioneer, and chanteuse Bambi Lake joins forces with Birdie Bob WattKitten on the Keys, and celebrated Cockettes songster Scrumbly Koldewyn and his Cirque du Scrumbello, and more for TENDER IS MY LOIN, a musical revue and homage to The Tenderloin of San Francisco at PianoFight, 144 Taylor Street on Wednesday, January 30, 8 pm.

    D’Arcy Drollinger presents FRIENDS LIVE! at the Oasis, 298 11th Street @ Folsom, January 31–March 2, Thursdays at 8 pm, Fridays & Saturdays at 7 pm. Come down to Central Perk and hang out with all of your favorite Friends: Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey, who will perform adaptations of two classic episodes. Warning: there WILL be drag! Yay!

    Sister Dana sez, “As long as Trump is keeping the government closed for everyday Americans, it should be closed for his political speech-making. Let’s stand with Speaker Pelosi and say no to the State of the Union while the government is shut down! And without one penny for Trump’s racist, wasteful wall!”