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    13th Annual BAAITS Powwow

    Photos by Rink

    Fort Mason’s Festival Pavilion was filled with hundreds of organizers, participants, and audience members for the 13th Annual Bay Area Indian Two-Spirit (BAAITS) Powwow. The annual event is the largest public, stand-alone Two-Spirit powwow in the world.

    This year’s intertribal social gathering of Native Americans and allies started with a Native Market featuring traditional foods and drinks, which was followed by a Gourd Dance Exhibition, the Powwow Opening ceremony with the Ohlone Sisters, a performance by Danza Mexica, and the Closing Song and Prayer.

    “Two-Spirit” is a Native American term for people with both female and male energies. Two-Spirits may (or may not) also identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or gender non-conforming. Traditionally, Two-Spirits often held—and many still hold— honored positions in their Native American and First Nations communities. To find out more, visit

    You can also watch the archived live-stream of this year’s BAAITS Powwow:

    Published on February 22, 2024