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    2022 Annual Emergency Services Day Honorees

    The Rotary Club of San Francisco will be honoring the following local heroes at the 2022 Annual Emergency Services Day Luncheon. For additional information and tickets:

    Nick Majeski, Emergency Response Manager, San Francisco Office of City Administrator, who played a key role in creating the Moscone Mass Vaccination site, established the Alemany Farmers’ Market COVID-19 testing site, managed distribution of millions of pieces of state-provided PPE, and created a network of warehouses, Community Learning hubs, staging locations, and field medical facilities to fight the pandemic.

    Charles Fann, San Francisco COVID-19 Task Force Lead, San Francisco Department of Public Health, who helped establish the first Isolation and Quarantine hotel sites in San Francisco, providing a safe place for individuals who could not isolate and quarantine at home. He led the COVID-19 outbreak management team and transitioned to overseeing the health management branch.

    Sgt. Kent Long, San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, who intervened while off duty in the aftermath of a shooting in Oakland, providing first aid to a Good Samaritan who was helping two victims of a drive-by theft. He stabilized the scene and provided first aid to the shooting victim until the Oakland Police arrived on scene.

    Sgt. Mercy Ambat, San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, who deescalated and resolved an incident with a newly incarcerated individual, who was defying COVID-19 safety protocols and destroying furniture and fixtures in his cell, flooding it, and threatening staff with a piece of broken glass light. While prepared to intervene with staff, she preferred to talk the individual into a calm state, resolving the situation without injury to the individual or deputies.

    Officer Antron Barron, San Francisco Police Department, who, for the last ten years, has developed and deepened relationships with Western Addition community centers and neighborhood groups, mentoring local youth. Officer Barron has garnered community trust and respect, and through this was successful in mediating a situation with rival gangs and averting violence.

    Officer Ryan Gonzalez, San Francisco Police Department, who was able to deescalate an incident involving a belligerent suspect in a barricaded Tenderloin apartment, without harm to the suspect or fellow officers, and who also saved the life of a drug overdose victim.

    RC Beth Goudreau, San Francisco Fire Department, who conducted, in concert with the U.S. Coast Guard, a harrowing rescue at sea of a young woman who had ingested poison, transporting her for nine hours over 230 miles by helicopter while administering life-saving procedures.

    LT. Brook Mancinelli, San Francisco Fire Department, who calmly organized and conducted a Golden Gate Bridge rescue operation, coordinating with Golden Gate Bridge Authority staff, saving a suicidal and combative bridge jumper who had climbed 30 feet below the pedestrian walkway into one of the girders 300 feet above the San Francisco Bay.

    MK3 Gabriel Perez, United States Coast Guard, who repaired an 87’ Coast Guard cutter’s jet drive while underway, after 100 feet of line was sucked into it, averting a serious incident that could have not only damaged the vessel but also imperiled lives.

    MTS3 Cameron Simington, United States Coast Guard, who demonstrated technical expertise while investigating more than two dozen pollution incidents and mitigating several thousand gallons of oil and hazardous materials from affecting waterways within the Bay Area. He also volunteered to help place 800 Afghan refugees into U.S. communities, reinforcing interagency cooperation, and demonstrating the humanitarian essence of the Coast Guard mission.

    Published on February 24, 2022