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    5 Tips on How to Hire a Wedding Photographer

    By B & Pedro–

    1. It’s all about the right fit.

    Finding the right fit is ultimately the most important aspect of working with a wedding photographer to create beautiful and timeless imagery. The vision you have as a couple for your wedding, the photographer’s philosophy and approach to photography, the chemistry between the two of you and the photographer’s work ethic are all a part of the context of a great fit. For instance, we at Animus-Art have created a wedding experience that embodies camaraderie, storytelling and fine art with editorial influences.


    1. Understand your style.

    One of the steps we suggest taking, before searching for local photographers, is to determine your preferred artistic style. Use bridal blogs, Google, and print magazines to look at wedding images to determine which style of wedding photography speaks to you. Are you drawn to light and airy, or dark and moody? Are you a fan of traditionally posed images, or do you prefer a more editorial style? Once you develop a preference, search for local photographers with a similar visual esthetic to yours.


    1. Read, read, read.

    Once you identify photographers whose work you love, spend a few minutes on their website reading their “about us” section. Look for inclusive language, learn about their approach and photography style. Eliminate the ones that fail to connect with you.


    1. First impressions are important.

    While we all agree that budget is a significant part of the conversation when hiring wedding creatives, and will surely be discussed, understand that some photographers are storytellers, and they connect with the couple on a personal level to create art. Therefore, in your initial email to a wedding photographer, make sure to include a few lines about you and your partner. I get so excited when I open an email and read about a couple. Every couple is unique, and I love that in that moment, as our paths cross, I make a connection no matter where the journey leads.


    1. Meet in person!

    I cannot stress the enough the importance of meeting in person. This is when you ask your questions, and see if you can be open and comfortable with your photographers. Similarly, your photographers are getting to know you and your partner as their artistic muse. Tell your story. If there is chemistry, be open about your concerns, your vision and your journey. Not everyone will be a good fit, and that is ok. You will be spending a good chunk of time together with your photographers leading up to your wedding day, and on your wedding day. With our couples, we usually have multiple in person consultations, and on average 2 shoots prior to the wedding day. On wedding day, we are there from morning until the end, documenting their journey. When there is chemistry, it’s magic! 

    B and Pedro are the lead photographers at Animus-Art. As a duo, B and Pedro create a style that is fine-art in its approach. See for yourself by checking out their website:


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