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    Applications Accepted December 7–14 for the Marcy Adelman and Jeanette Gurevitch Community at 95 Laguna

    By Dr. Karyn Skultety–

    After twenty plus years in the making, Openhouse and Mercy Housing are ready to complete the long-awaited community complex designed for LGBTQ seniors on Laguna Street. While the walls are still being completed on the 79 LGBT-welcoming affordable senior housing units at 95 Laguna, the time to build a strong community of residents has arrived. The residents of the new housing will join their neighbors at 55 Laguna, 68% of whom identify as LGBTQ, to complete the 119-unit complex.

    Openhouse is leading the way in organizing our community to apply for these units. We know how daunting applying for housing can be in San Francisco and are ready to help with everything from reviewing the qualifications, to helping you fill out an application through the city’s DAHLIA system online, to offering emotional support while you wait for the results of the lottery.

    And while Openhouse is leading the efforts in mobilizing our community, we are relying on support from the entire LGBTQ community of San Francisco to come together to support, assist and encourage LGBTQ seniors to apply to 95 Laguna between December 7 and 14.

    Here are three things that you can do to help us:

    • Get the word out! Tell every LGBTQ person you know, aged 62 and over, to come learn about 95 Laguna from Openhouse and see if they may qualify. If you are an LGBTQ person aged 62 and over, come talk to us and learn more! Call our Housing Assistance Hotline, 415-230-0634, or come visit. Our final Housing Q&A sessions will be held on Saturday, December 8, from 1:30–5 pm at 65 Laguna Street (Bob Ross LGBT Center).
    • Remind everyone who might be applying that applications should be done online (DAHLIA address) and must be completed between December 7 and 14. Application assistance is available every day at Openhouse during this period. Call our Housing Assistance Hotline for daily hours (415-230-0634). For those unable to complete an online application, Openhouse can assist you with a paper application. However, please note that paper applications must be received by December 14 and we highly recommend applying online.
    • Offer to help someone apply. Help may look like using your computer or internet access. Help may be offering a reassuring word for someone discouraged by the process. Help may be offering to go along to Openhouse while we assist with the application process.

    Lastly, Openhouse acknowledges and recognizes that the need for affordable housing for the LGBTQ community in San Francisco far exceeds what is available. We will celebrate as new LGBTQ residents move into the new units and our heart will break alongside those who face another housing waitlist.

    Our mission is to be there for all LGBTQ seniors across the Bay Area with programs, community building and advocacy. Our new Community Center at 75 Laguna will be just that—a place for the entire LGBTQ community to ensure that older adults are central in our lives, central in our community and central in our fight for social justice.

    Dr. Karyn Skultety is the Executive Director of Openhouse.