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    Barbara Price’s Remarkable Life and Work

    barb2“Life has its own idea of how things will work out,” says Barbara “Boo” Price, who continues to contribute immeasurably to the LGBT community both here and around the globe. The idea of which she speaks must have been quite outstanding and unique, considering her groundbreaking achievements over the years.

    Here are just a few such achievements that we have summarized, in part, from the fantastic book Feminists Who Changed America: 1963–1975 edited by Barbara J. Love (University of Illinois Press, 2006):

    1973– Created the first lesbian caucus at the University of California, Davis

    1974– Produced one of the first Women’s Music concerts highlighting the work of lesbian artists; now-legendary performers Cris Williamson, Margie Adam and Vicki Randle were at this particular show in Davis

    Regarding the concert, Price says that it was “a fundraiser for the beginning of the original Bakke case (concerning affirmative action). I sat in the halls of the Law School at lunchtime, and played a little tape of the women singing. I think Vicki Randle sang Sweet Woman and Meg Christian sang If It Weren’t for the Music. I also called every woman’s organization in Davis (garden clubs, sororities, everything) urging all women to attend this concert for and about women. I was so naïve, but driven. Freeborn Hall holds 1000 people and 300 attended. It was actually a huge turnout given that it was so early, but I was a little disappointed. The following day I said it was too stressful, and I would never produce a concert again. However, within a week I was organizing two concerts for the spring: one was a woman-only concert with Meg Christian in a local saloon. The owner used only female waitresses since it was women-only! It was followed by a concert with Margie, Cris and Meg at a theater in Davis that held about 500 people and it was sold out. Women came from all over the state and even out of state. This was the inspiration of the Women on Wheels tour, which followed.”


    1975 Co-founded Pleiades Records with Adam and began Women in Production, a production company that trained other women producers and technicians

    1975 Became a member of the executive committee of the Women & the Law Conference, which was the feminist law association of the 70s and 80s

    1976–1986 Practiced law in San Francisco, with a focus on custody, entertainment law and small business for women

    1976–1994 Produced stage performances at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival; from 1983–1994, she was an owner and producer of the entire festival

    1977–1984 Member of the executive committee of the national board for the National Women’s Political Caucus

    1977 Produced the International Women’s Year cultural program for the National Women’s Conference in Houston

    1978 Served as a delegate to the founding convention of the National Lesbian Feminist Organization in Los Angeles

    1996 Founded the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club

    In addition to the above mentioned productions, Price over the years has produced:

    • The Malvina Reynolds’ Memorial Concert with Pete Seeger, Country Joe MacDonald, Holly Near and Margie Adam at the Berkeley Community Auditorium, 1978
    • Opening Concert for Judy Chicago’s “Dinner Party” at the Herbst Theatre with Margie Adam in 1979
    • NWPC national 17-city tour with Margie Adam for Women Candidates in 1980
    • The first Bay Area theater performance by Sweet Honey and the Rock (with Ginny Berson), 1980
    • Close of the ERA Campaign in Washington, D.C., Constitution Hall with Bella Abzug, Margie Adam and Sweet Honey in the Rock, 1982
    • Radical Harmonies Benefit Concert in 1999 (at the MWCAC) with a dozen women performers
    • San Francisco City Wedding Reception in 2004 for Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon’s first wedding at the Hyatt; Montclair Women’s Big Band performed
    • Ron Dellums Mayoral Inauguration LGBT Gala in Oakland, 2007, with Linda Tillery, Vicki Randle, and the Glide Memorial Choir
    • Feminists Who Changed America by Barbara Love – All Contributor Reception 2007 (at the MWCAC)
    • San Francisco City Hall Memorial for Del Martin with Carolyn Brandy, Sistah Boom, Holly Near, Margie Adam, Linda Tillery, Ellen Seeling, and the Glide Memorial Choir, 2008
    • Cris Williamson’s 35th anniversary of The Changer and the Changed for two nights at the Herbst Theatre, 2010
    • Gwen Avery Memorial, 2014
    • Multiple years of producing the stage for East Bay Pride, Oakland’s Sistahs Steppin in Pride, New England Women’s Music Festival and the West Coast Women’s Music Festival

    The above doesn’t even address how Price worked at the White House for the Food for Peace Program as well as the President’s Commission on Civil Disorders (the first entity of the U.S. Government to focus on racism). She additionally worked at the State House in Boston, and has traveled the world helping with numerous political and organizational efforts. In her “spare” time, she hosts scuba diving trips and is an expert diver!

    Her list of achievements is enough to fill the resumés of multiple individuals because she manages to pack every day of life with meaningful projects, and she is far from being done yet! What’s next on the horizon? We will have to wait and see, but knowing generous Price, she’ll somehow take us and the entire LGBT community along for the joyous ride.